Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Madame Pewk Fairy.

The Twisted Sisters out on Saturday's long run.

In my opinion 200 meters of pitch black terror but hopefully no snakes.

Yurrebilla Trail. South Australia.

Now here's the thing ; when I was a kid I used to love a visit from the Tooth Fairy. But now I'm all grown up and a long distance runner, I do not like the Pewk Fairy trying to visit me. Now, if she visited and left a $100 bill in my Brooke's that would be different. But the Pewk Fairy is pure EVIL! She makes you feel like total Crap, generally calls half way up a steep hill, and makes your Stuff strutt off without you.

Madame Pewk Fairy tried very hard to join me on Saturday's run. And whilst she didn't leave her calling card the Bot Rot Fairy did!

Negotiating with the Pewk fairy.

Resting the Glutes 30 km. in.

DH, Moi, Evi, Sue and Cathy.

By now you will have guessed that Saturday's long distance outing was absolutely gruelling.
35 km. out and back from Belair to Eagle on the Hill on the Yurrebilla Trail. About 60 or so intrepid runners set off at 8am. in the cold, only about 12 of us made the decision to double the distance by running back. We Twisted Sisters and followers are well known lunatics.

The good thing is : we finished and had enough Ibuprofen for all.
The bad thing is : we all got Bot Rot except Sue who doesn't have a bum.
The good thing is : we didn't get lost. And this is a major achievement for the Twisted Sisters.
The bad thing is : what goes down must go back up. And those hills were ugly going back.
The good thing is : the scenery was spectacular, we had fun, burnt over 3000 kjoules and we found a brilliant hot chocolate shop on the way home. This was our contribution to the local economy.

Cathy and Judy joined us for the first time after doing a few shorter sessions with us. Cathy is a dear friend of mine, or was !! Both did a great job and hopefully they will be back. Group pain is always better tolerated.

Now whilst I was half way up a steep hill negotiating with Madame Pewk Fairy, DF Evi was seen clinging to a tree and asking where the bloody bus stop was ! DH was continually pleading for a 5 minute break, but hey as he was the only man with us he just had to toughen up.

After getting home, a hot shower and a quick power nap and guess what ? I was ready for more.

DH last seen with his head under a pillow and loosely discussing the D for divorce word.

This weeks km.record:
Monday: Anstey's Hill hill run 5.5km
Wednesday: flat interval training 6km.
Thursday: 7km. Anstey's Hill and Hermitage run 7km.
Saturday: Yurrebilla Trail run 35km.

Excuse the photos being out of order, for some reason blog spot was being a pain in the butt and not letting me cut and paste them in order.

Thanks for dropping by,
Stitching blog tomorrow,
Cheers Karen.


  1. The scenery looks amazing but after reading your insights I don't have running-location-envy. Sounds like a really tough run.

  2. Once again you are mad. Looks like a nice spot for a WALK with my camera.

  3. OMG you go girl..........this is something I don't ever imagine doing myself.........but sounds like you make lots of fun while your out there...........excellent effort.......

  4. Hi Karen,
    Looks like a great trail run minus the "almost" visit from Madame Pewk Fairy! You crack me up:) I do know how terrible it is to feel like you are going to toss your cookies when on a run! I am loving the pictures and think you had a fun group!