Monday, July 26, 2010

Christmas in July.

The Twisted Sisters now have only four weeks to go until the Sydney 100 km Trail Runners event. OMG the nerves are biting Big Time. A significant part of this event is the fund raising for Oxfam. Each team must raise a minimum of $1000.
We have had a few small ongoing fund raising projects with which we have raised some money. Susi No Bum's family keep bees and so I have been selling jars of honey and Susi has been selling bottles of donated wine from a local winery.

Our big fundraising event however was a Christmas in July which we held last Saturday night.
For those of you visiting my blog from the Northern Hemisphere this may sound a bit odd. But Christmas in Australia in December is at the peak of our very long hot summer. Often on Christmas Day the temperature is over 35c and so many Australians have a seafood lunch or BBQ.
So Christmas in July is now becoming very popular when we are in our Winter. We do the full hot roast and pudding with all the trimmings.

DH and Mike looking after the lamb spit.

Our twisted Sister Babette owns The Cudlee Cafe up at Cudlee Creek, and she kindly closed the cafe for the night so we could have our Christmas Fundraiser there.
We had up to 40 loyal Twisted Sister supporters there for a Christmas tea ; soup, lamb on the spit, roast veges and pudding with Brandy Custard.

Tracey working on the soup. Apparently she only had water to drink???

Twisted Sister Evi, the custard addict.

The highlight of the night was the auction conducted by Simon and Mike. They were absolutely hilarious and managed to sell all of our donated goods and vouchers. People were very generous and we raised a lot of money for Oxfam.

Thankyou for visiting my blog,
Happy Running
Cheers Karen.


  1. Never heard about Christmas in July, however it's a good way to stay together (not lamb opinion of course). Beautiful pictures.

  2. Happy Christmas in July! I love it:) I just happen to love lamb too....Mmmm! Good luck with your fund-raising for your future 100k!

    I hope that you have a fantastic day Karen!