Thursday, April 14, 2011

Twisted Sisters V's Wild.

I've been a very bad blogger of late and now have to do several posts to keep you all up to date with the  Twisted Sisters and my stitching.

The Twisted Sisters and The Chubby Hubbies continue to train as a team but illnesses at times over the last 6 weeks have interrupted all our training schedules. Susi no Bum, Moi and the Chubby Hubbies have all succumbed to the usual seasonal coughs, colds and tummy bugs. Babette continues to deal with a hip injury and is now on strict rest with Bell's Palsy. Poor Tracy ( aka Miss Prissy ) has been really sick with two serious infections and has had a cancer scare. Luckily she has been given the all clear but still remains quite unwell.

However we have continued our training as best we can . Susi no Bum makes us report for duty the minute we show any signs of life. We are all enjoying our Sunday morning breakfast runs. An early 0600 start, 30 to 40 km. trail run  followed by a team breakfast at Susi's or Tracy's farms. Breakfast is not healthy despite Susi's best efforts. So while Susi eats her carrot and celery sticks the rest of us tuck into jam, scones and lashings of thick cream !

Two weeks ago our Sunday morning breakfast run was through the Warren Conservation Park.
The Plan : a 30 km. circuit through the rugged bushland to Williamstown for coffee and home in time for breakfast.
All went well for the first 5km. Chubby Hubby Mike had his Garman with him so we had no need to be concerned .....
And so we allowed him to lead us into the depths of the Mt. Crawford pine forest totally dependent on his GPS which he assured us he could use.
Now Mike quite fancies himself as Bear Grylls , but I'm thinking Bear would not get  The Twisted Sisters so badly lost.

 Things going pear shaped at 5km. when Daryl, Mike and Tracy abandon the GPS.

 The bushland became increasingly dense which is amazing because all this area was burnt out 2 years ago in a bush fire.

The terrain just got steeper and steeper.

Daryl with Mike behind trying to work out where we are.

 Susi no Bum tripped and fell on a rock. Once we established she had a pulse we quickly took a photo to prove she is human. We were all secretly hoping she had broken a leg so we could cut short the torture she had planned for us.

 This waterway was not meant to be here.

 This hill was so steep we had to pull ourselves up using a chain. This was in real snake territory but Tracy made me feel sooo much better telling me the snakes were all home giving their children morning tea.

 And steeper.

 Another Where the Hell are We meeting !!

 This water was not on the map we were following and somehow we had to get over it.

 Only the Twisted Sisters would get this lost.

 Susi stuck on a log with no way to go.

These fungi were everywhere and they started to look tasty when we got hungry.

We never found our coffee shop, we got home in time for a late lunch courtesy of Tracy's husband who came out in his truck to finds us.
Happy trails,
Cheers Karen.