Monday, July 26, 2010

Christmas in July.

The Twisted Sisters now have only four weeks to go until the Sydney 100 km Trail Runners event. OMG the nerves are biting Big Time. A significant part of this event is the fund raising for Oxfam. Each team must raise a minimum of $1000.
We have had a few small ongoing fund raising projects with which we have raised some money. Susi No Bum's family keep bees and so I have been selling jars of honey and Susi has been selling bottles of donated wine from a local winery.

Our big fundraising event however was a Christmas in July which we held last Saturday night.
For those of you visiting my blog from the Northern Hemisphere this may sound a bit odd. But Christmas in Australia in December is at the peak of our very long hot summer. Often on Christmas Day the temperature is over 35c and so many Australians have a seafood lunch or BBQ.
So Christmas in July is now becoming very popular when we are in our Winter. We do the full hot roast and pudding with all the trimmings.

DH and Mike looking after the lamb spit.

Our twisted Sister Babette owns The Cudlee Cafe up at Cudlee Creek, and she kindly closed the cafe for the night so we could have our Christmas Fundraiser there.
We had up to 40 loyal Twisted Sister supporters there for a Christmas tea ; soup, lamb on the spit, roast veges and pudding with Brandy Custard.

Tracey working on the soup. Apparently she only had water to drink???

Twisted Sister Evi, the custard addict.

The highlight of the night was the auction conducted by Simon and Mike. They were absolutely hilarious and managed to sell all of our donated goods and vouchers. People were very generous and we raised a lot of money for Oxfam.

Thankyou for visiting my blog,
Happy Running
Cheers Karen.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Girls Talk.

So Girls, I'm sure you've all been in my predicament.
Wardrobe door bulging open but absolutely nothing to wear.

This was the situation in our home last Sunday. We were meeting DF John and Lil for lunch but not one single item of clothing in my wardrobe inspired.
Like most people DH and I cut back during the GFC, but hey there comes a time when a girl has to hit the shops.

Now DH never minds what I spend but I do like to make him think it was his idea, and I have been feeling decidedly frumpish of late.
So the conversation went something like this.

Moi : I've got absolutely, totally, completely nothing to wear.

DH : You've got half of my wardrobe space full of your stuff as well as your own.

Moi : Would you like me to wear the pink nightgown with holes in it or the blue one with your son's breakfast on it ? Because that's the choice !

DH with his head in my wardrobe : There's plenty of clothes in here.

MOI : It's all old fashioned.
I've seen old ladies wearing that.
That style is sooo out.
That colour is out.
It's shrunk.
I look like a Quaker in that.
I look like I have a bad case of Derriere Droop in that.
You picked that not me and it sucks.
Even the poor wouldn't wear that.
I want to change my style.
I want to look French.

Now I didn't seem to be making a lot of progress so when needs arise one must play DIRTY !

So my Coup de Grace

( this may be my last post as dear Mother reads my blog and I will now be in deep shit)

Well the reaction of DH was poetry in motion. Out came the Visa, the Mastercard, the Wallet, cash etc., no questions asked or limits discussed. All that can be said is that I saved the economy of South Australia.

Talking of fashion statements, gotta love this photo of one of my four legged kids Miffy. Don' t you just love that tongue stylishly tossed almost over her shoulder.

Now not much cross stitch has been happening this week. I've been totally hooked on these hexagons. Hopefully by next week they will be a new bag !

If you look carefully you can see the beginning of the bag taking shape. Might need a new outfit to complement it !

Thanks for dropping by
Cheers Karen.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I'm a Lady.

Norton Summit.

Those who know me will know that I have long been a lady. Polished, poised, polite, pompous and always politically correct. A true thoroughobred I am.This has now been formally recognised. Stefano, AKA The Black Knight from Italy has recruited me into the Black knight Army as Lady Karen from Down Under !

Curtsy now if you please.

Sir Stefano is the Commander in Chief of the Black Knight Army, a small select international group of highly questionable runners from Blog Land.

This week the Twisted Sisters have again been disrupted by an ongoing virus. None of us trained last week until Saturday's planned long run, and that turned into a Dog's Breakfast. A 50 km. run from Amber's Gully to the Aviation Towers was planned.
However late on Friday night a huge storm front hit Adelaide bringing with it 110kmph winds which brought down many gum trees, took roofs of houses and cut electricity to much of Adelaide for up to 36 hours.

However undeterred and undaunted 6 of the Twisted Sisters met at 0700 at the bottom of Black Hill determined to attempt this run in what can only be described as suicidal conditions.

We decided to separate into 2 groups of 3 so that the well sisters could support the ill or recovering ones. The initial 300 metre ascent up black Hill in the strong wind was challenging and it would have been easy to give up and go back to bed where I had been since Thursday.
But was that the behavior befitting a Lady of the Black Knight Army ? No Way !
Lady Karen bucked up and battled on and arrived at Norton Summit with DF Evi and DH only 15 minutes behind Susi No Bum , Tracey and Babette.
Tracey was in a coffee bar curled up by an open fire declaring she just wanted to go home to bed and Babette had to phone a friend and go home with sciatica.

Tracey and Moi , two sick sisters.

DH , Evi and I decided to turn back to Ambers Gully as the potential to get hit by a falling tree was high. All in all we completed about 41 km up some very difficult hills and trails and actually enjoyed it.

DF Evi ( not married but plenty of time yet ) saw the man of her dreams running up Norton Summit Road and nauseatingly opened a farm gate for him so he didn't need to slow his pace !! OMG. A smile and a thankyou were exchanged and then I had to spend the next 10 minutes wiping the drool off Evi's chin.
So , Norton Summit Man if you read this, my friend Evi thinks you're hot !

Norton Summit.

South Australia is known as the driest state in the driest nation in the world , so having water on the trail to run through is quite a treat.

We now only have 6 weeks to go until our 100 km event in Sydney. OMG , the nerves are really starting to bite. We still have lots of fund raising to do for OXFAM and of course putting in the hours on the trails.

Thanks to everyone who visits my blog.
Happy Running,
Lady Karen.

Friday, July 9, 2010

FatBlokes, Bikes and hexagons.

Several of the Twisted Sisters have been struck down this week with a virus, except Susi no bum. Even viruses need something to feed off. I've spent the last two days at home alternating between feeling very sorry for myself and watching TV and sewing. Absolutely no training has been done this week, but we do have a big run planned for Saturday.
My main exercise for the week has been watching the Tour de France on TV. I am totally blown away by the athleticism of the riders, they are truly amazing. I've also enjoyed seeing the scenery of France and Belgium.
Of course I also have more than a passing fancy for Lance Armstrong. That tight little butt in the Lycra. OMG.

The Tour Down Under is held in my state of South Australia and DF Cathy and I often talk about driving past the training riders, putting our hands out of the car window and having a little pat of those cute butts.

Now when there is a significant bike race on I always note how it brings out a plethora of bike riders. I'm a very strong advocate of fitness for all shapes and sizes but;
Is there a society for the prevention of cruelty to Lycra ?
Because this week I have seen Lycra stretched over bumps and crevices to a level which can only be described as cruel.
And how said blokes get off their bikes must surely be a medical miracle and require exploratory surgery. Heaven only knows where those bike seats get sucked up to !
Now I'm not being unfair to men here, but how many ladies do you see layered in Lycra like a Sara Lee Struedal ? NONE !
I rest my case.

On my bike. Note no Lycra just big girl pants !

DH and I bought bikes last year and I love cycling. I have however managed to turn it into a blood sport and really need adult supervision and trainer wheels. We mainly cycle on Linear Park with DF John and Lil. I have left a blood trail up the track which would keep CSI busy for weeks.
I've fallen over everything , even fresh air. Had a near miss with a big brown snake in Summer, but there was no way I was gunna fall off on to that little sucker. Nope, I was not going to casualty with a snake bite on my butt.

Now this was meant to be a post about my sewing progress. SOHRH is going well. I am now on my fourth block.

I think I might do a Black Bird Design mini stocking for a quick finish.
Hexagons seem to be quite popular right now, and quite a few of my sewing friends have joined the craze.
I found a bag pattern while in Victoria and whilst it is pentagons and triangles, the English Paper Piecing concept seems to be the same. I've chosen Moda Bar Harbour and French General Fabric to make this in and am well on the way already. They're quite addictive.

Happy Stitching Girls,
Cheers Karen.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Madame Pewk Fairy.

The Twisted Sisters out on Saturday's long run.

In my opinion 200 meters of pitch black terror but hopefully no snakes.

Yurrebilla Trail. South Australia.

Now here's the thing ; when I was a kid I used to love a visit from the Tooth Fairy. But now I'm all grown up and a long distance runner, I do not like the Pewk Fairy trying to visit me. Now, if she visited and left a $100 bill in my Brooke's that would be different. But the Pewk Fairy is pure EVIL! She makes you feel like total Crap, generally calls half way up a steep hill, and makes your Stuff strutt off without you.

Madame Pewk Fairy tried very hard to join me on Saturday's run. And whilst she didn't leave her calling card the Bot Rot Fairy did!

Negotiating with the Pewk fairy.

Resting the Glutes 30 km. in.

DH, Moi, Evi, Sue and Cathy.

By now you will have guessed that Saturday's long distance outing was absolutely gruelling.
35 km. out and back from Belair to Eagle on the Hill on the Yurrebilla Trail. About 60 or so intrepid runners set off at 8am. in the cold, only about 12 of us made the decision to double the distance by running back. We Twisted Sisters and followers are well known lunatics.

The good thing is : we finished and had enough Ibuprofen for all.
The bad thing is : we all got Bot Rot except Sue who doesn't have a bum.
The good thing is : we didn't get lost. And this is a major achievement for the Twisted Sisters.
The bad thing is : what goes down must go back up. And those hills were ugly going back.
The good thing is : the scenery was spectacular, we had fun, burnt over 3000 kjoules and we found a brilliant hot chocolate shop on the way home. This was our contribution to the local economy.

Cathy and Judy joined us for the first time after doing a few shorter sessions with us. Cathy is a dear friend of mine, or was !! Both did a great job and hopefully they will be back. Group pain is always better tolerated.

Now whilst I was half way up a steep hill negotiating with Madame Pewk Fairy, DF Evi was seen clinging to a tree and asking where the bloody bus stop was ! DH was continually pleading for a 5 minute break, but hey as he was the only man with us he just had to toughen up.

After getting home, a hot shower and a quick power nap and guess what ? I was ready for more.

DH last seen with his head under a pillow and loosely discussing the D for divorce word.

This weeks km.record:
Monday: Anstey's Hill hill run 5.5km
Wednesday: flat interval training 6km.
Thursday: 7km. Anstey's Hill and Hermitage run 7km.
Saturday: Yurrebilla Trail run 35km.

Excuse the photos being out of order, for some reason blog spot was being a pain in the butt and not letting me cut and paste them in order.

Thanks for dropping by,
Stitching blog tomorrow,
Cheers Karen.