Friday, July 9, 2010

FatBlokes, Bikes and hexagons.

Several of the Twisted Sisters have been struck down this week with a virus, except Susi no bum. Even viruses need something to feed off. I've spent the last two days at home alternating between feeling very sorry for myself and watching TV and sewing. Absolutely no training has been done this week, but we do have a big run planned for Saturday.
My main exercise for the week has been watching the Tour de France on TV. I am totally blown away by the athleticism of the riders, they are truly amazing. I've also enjoyed seeing the scenery of France and Belgium.
Of course I also have more than a passing fancy for Lance Armstrong. That tight little butt in the Lycra. OMG.

The Tour Down Under is held in my state of South Australia and DF Cathy and I often talk about driving past the training riders, putting our hands out of the car window and having a little pat of those cute butts.

Now when there is a significant bike race on I always note how it brings out a plethora of bike riders. I'm a very strong advocate of fitness for all shapes and sizes but;
Is there a society for the prevention of cruelty to Lycra ?
Because this week I have seen Lycra stretched over bumps and crevices to a level which can only be described as cruel.
And how said blokes get off their bikes must surely be a medical miracle and require exploratory surgery. Heaven only knows where those bike seats get sucked up to !
Now I'm not being unfair to men here, but how many ladies do you see layered in Lycra like a Sara Lee Struedal ? NONE !
I rest my case.

On my bike. Note no Lycra just big girl pants !

DH and I bought bikes last year and I love cycling. I have however managed to turn it into a blood sport and really need adult supervision and trainer wheels. We mainly cycle on Linear Park with DF John and Lil. I have left a blood trail up the track which would keep CSI busy for weeks.
I've fallen over everything , even fresh air. Had a near miss with a big brown snake in Summer, but there was no way I was gunna fall off on to that little sucker. Nope, I was not going to casualty with a snake bite on my butt.

Now this was meant to be a post about my sewing progress. SOHRH is going well. I am now on my fourth block.

I think I might do a Black Bird Design mini stocking for a quick finish.
Hexagons seem to be quite popular right now, and quite a few of my sewing friends have joined the craze.
I found a bag pattern while in Victoria and whilst it is pentagons and triangles, the English Paper Piecing concept seems to be the same. I've chosen Moda Bar Harbour and French General Fabric to make this in and am well on the way already. They're quite addictive.

Happy Stitching Girls,
Cheers Karen.


  1. I would join the RSPCL. I have seen many disturbing sites on runs. One of my particular favourites is when the lycra has GONE and there is a totally see-through bit right across the plumber's crack. That's truly a joy to behold.

  2. I'm with you on the Lycra issue and the other thing is some can hardly ride a bike there should be a road test first before they hit the traffic. Your hexagons are looking good.

  3. you crack me chance of seeing lycra here just some crazy man..........

    hexies are addictive.......

  4. You made me laugh, too funny the quotes about lycra!

  5. thanks about the good lycra-laugh and for the comments left on my blog, the film is a must see.

  6. Ha Ha Karen, nice to read your blog, didn't even know you had a blog. I hope I don't fall into the fat lycra stretcher category, maybe the bum pinching category. lolz, keep on running.
    p.s. I am the 2chris' son in law just so you know who it is =)