Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I'm a Lady.

Norton Summit.

Those who know me will know that I have long been a lady. Polished, poised, polite, pompous and always politically correct. A true thoroughobred I am.This has now been formally recognised. Stefano, AKA The Black Knight from Italy has recruited me into the Black knight Army as Lady Karen from Down Under !

Curtsy now if you please.

Sir Stefano is the Commander in Chief of the Black Knight Army, a small select international group of highly questionable runners from Blog Land.

This week the Twisted Sisters have again been disrupted by an ongoing virus. None of us trained last week until Saturday's planned long run, and that turned into a Dog's Breakfast. A 50 km. run from Amber's Gully to the Aviation Towers was planned.
However late on Friday night a huge storm front hit Adelaide bringing with it 110kmph winds which brought down many gum trees, took roofs of houses and cut electricity to much of Adelaide for up to 36 hours.

However undeterred and undaunted 6 of the Twisted Sisters met at 0700 at the bottom of Black Hill determined to attempt this run in what can only be described as suicidal conditions.

We decided to separate into 2 groups of 3 so that the well sisters could support the ill or recovering ones. The initial 300 metre ascent up black Hill in the strong wind was challenging and it would have been easy to give up and go back to bed where I had been since Thursday.
But was that the behavior befitting a Lady of the Black Knight Army ? No Way !
Lady Karen bucked up and battled on and arrived at Norton Summit with DF Evi and DH only 15 minutes behind Susi No Bum , Tracey and Babette.
Tracey was in a coffee bar curled up by an open fire declaring she just wanted to go home to bed and Babette had to phone a friend and go home with sciatica.

Tracey and Moi , two sick sisters.

DH , Evi and I decided to turn back to Ambers Gully as the potential to get hit by a falling tree was high. All in all we completed about 41 km up some very difficult hills and trails and actually enjoyed it.

DF Evi ( not married but plenty of time yet ) saw the man of her dreams running up Norton Summit Road and nauseatingly opened a farm gate for him so he didn't need to slow his pace !! OMG. A smile and a thankyou were exchanged and then I had to spend the next 10 minutes wiping the drool off Evi's chin.
So , Norton Summit Man if you read this, my friend Evi thinks you're hot !

Norton Summit.

South Australia is known as the driest state in the driest nation in the world , so having water on the trail to run through is quite a treat.

We now only have 6 weeks to go until our 100 km event in Sydney. OMG , the nerves are really starting to bite. We still have lots of fund raising to do for OXFAM and of course putting in the hours on the trails.

Thanks to everyone who visits my blog.
Happy Running,
Lady Karen.


  1. Thank you to be a very important part of the invincible Black Knight Army. We are proud of our Aussie Rep lady Karen! We hope that one day you will give us the honour to run through the italian routes leading our glorious pack!

  2. Hi Karen,
    Cheers to being a Lady in Stefano's Black Knight army! I really enjoy reading Stefano's blog too!

    It looks like you had a nice trail run again. You and the Twisted Sisters do not disappoint:) I know how bad it sucks to feel a little yucky when running....I hope that you get better soon!

  3. Once again great snaps but pure madness. Hope to see you Tuesday.