Monday, July 19, 2010

Girls Talk.

So Girls, I'm sure you've all been in my predicament.
Wardrobe door bulging open but absolutely nothing to wear.

This was the situation in our home last Sunday. We were meeting DF John and Lil for lunch but not one single item of clothing in my wardrobe inspired.
Like most people DH and I cut back during the GFC, but hey there comes a time when a girl has to hit the shops.

Now DH never minds what I spend but I do like to make him think it was his idea, and I have been feeling decidedly frumpish of late.
So the conversation went something like this.

Moi : I've got absolutely, totally, completely nothing to wear.

DH : You've got half of my wardrobe space full of your stuff as well as your own.

Moi : Would you like me to wear the pink nightgown with holes in it or the blue one with your son's breakfast on it ? Because that's the choice !

DH with his head in my wardrobe : There's plenty of clothes in here.

MOI : It's all old fashioned.
I've seen old ladies wearing that.
That style is sooo out.
That colour is out.
It's shrunk.
I look like a Quaker in that.
I look like I have a bad case of Derriere Droop in that.
You picked that not me and it sucks.
Even the poor wouldn't wear that.
I want to change my style.
I want to look French.

Now I didn't seem to be making a lot of progress so when needs arise one must play DIRTY !

So my Coup de Grace

( this may be my last post as dear Mother reads my blog and I will now be in deep shit)

Well the reaction of DH was poetry in motion. Out came the Visa, the Mastercard, the Wallet, cash etc., no questions asked or limits discussed. All that can be said is that I saved the economy of South Australia.

Talking of fashion statements, gotta love this photo of one of my four legged kids Miffy. Don' t you just love that tongue stylishly tossed almost over her shoulder.

Now not much cross stitch has been happening this week. I've been totally hooked on these hexagons. Hopefully by next week they will be a new bag !

If you look carefully you can see the beginning of the bag taking shape. Might need a new outfit to complement it !

Thanks for dropping by
Cheers Karen.


  1. Loved your wardrobe story. LAUGHS

    Ohh...your fur baby sleeping is just the cutest!

  2. You could do worse than look like me Karen. Anyway enjoy your new wardrobe. Love the picture of my grand daughter.

  3. Ha ha. Heaven forbid that you look like his mother-in-law! It's a good line. I might just have to borrow it.

  4. Watch it Char I am his mother in law. I think we get on ok. Never fallen out with each other yet so I doubt if we will now.

    Cheers Yvonne

  5. I'm feeling rather sorry for your poor husband. LOL. I like your little owls.