Monday, June 28, 2010

Chubby Hubby.

Yes, the inevitable has finally happened.
Chubby Hubby's chin has met with where his waistline once was !
Unfortunately I cant blame it entirely on gravity nor overindulgence. He has this weekend, had a near death experience with a tooth abscess which has caused one side of his face to swell up to the size of a Rock Melon.

Of course he has now become the Funk and Wagnells of pain. Apparently childbirth does not compare to the pain of a tooth abscess !! The swelling has also required continual observation, so much so that he has spent most of the weekend in front of any available mirror measuring it's progress.
I've also had to put my eyeballs down his neck at hourly intervals to give feedback and a prognosis, and make the required ooh's and ahh's.
Thank God for modern medicine because I couldn't press hard enough on the pillow over his head.

He's been to the doctor, the dentist, is on antibiotics and analgesics and has been reassured that it is not going to be a life threatening problem.

But ladies: He is going free to a good home, remote included but strictly a NO RETURN policy !

During my Blog Hopping this week I have noticed that many with running blogs post their weekly mileage. What a great idea. So here's mine, but I must point out that in OZ we work in kilometers and not miles.

Monday: Anstey's Hill Trail 7km.
Thursday: Anstey's Hill Trail 7km.
Saturday:Kersbrook Horse Trail 23km.
Sunday: Norton Summit Trail 13km.
Total: 47km.

This is not as much as I would have liked but some weeks life gets in the way.

Our main practice trail for the week was the Kersbrook Horse Trail, 23 km through the Kersbrook Pine Forest and surrounding bush and farm land.

A very pretty trail, mostly undulating with some steep inclines.

Only a few areas of the tracks were rocky so it was fairly easy on the feet and my new Brookes Cascadia Trail Running shoes were fabulous. Super grip on the trail and no slipping or sliding.

On Sunday we tackled the steep climb from Morialta Falls to Norton Summit, never nice but the hamburgers at Norton Summit Pub made it worth while.

Tracey stealing all the green lollies.

Two of the Twisted Sisters and two Chubby Hubbies.

I just had to stop and talk to the cows.

Happy Running,
Cheers Karen.


  1. Hi Karen,
    I am so sorry to hear about your hubby's tooth...ouch! Hopefully he is on the mend:)

    You have ahd a great week of workouts! I love the pictures....very pretty. I noticed that you all have jackets on. It has been so flipping hot here that I kind of miss the jacket runs:)

    You crack me up with talking to the cows! I would of done the same thing. I grew up on a farm and always talked to the cows:)

    I hope that you have a great week Karen!

  2. So nice to find an Aussie runner/blogger

  3. I hope that you have had an useful change of opinions with the cow. I am also a such kind of chatter when I run through the country. 23 km on saturday and 13 km on sunday: impressive, congrats!