Friday, June 4, 2010

Border Patrol for Chooks.

Now here's the thing; over the last few years our government has been banging on about buying Australian made. Now I'm happy to support this, keeping jobs in Australia and such, BUT our labeling laws are CRAP.
Case in point: On Wednesday I bought a carton of eggs, checked the label out of interest and guess what? EGGS made in Australia from local and imported products. Now I don't consider myself an idiot but really how can you have an egg with dual nationality?? The bloody egg is either an Aussie or it isn't, but it can't be both.

So as my mind wandered as is it's wont I began to ponder this highly intellectual dilema. Could the chook be an illegal immigrant? Perhaps it boarded a boat in Indonesia and then laid the egg on Ashmore Reef? Or did the chook go on vacation to Indonesia, have a liason with an Indonesian turkey and then come back home a bit pregnant? Do chooks need a turkey to get an egg ? I really don't know as I have never studied Poultry Obstetrics.
So whilst I ponder, here I sit eating a bag of nuts labelled: May contain traces of Nut Products. duh!!!

I have new running stash! One of the problems of being a trail runner is the difficulty in getting appropriate running shoes. Your ordinary road running shoes are not strong enough to withstand the rough terrain but your regular hiking shoes are far too heavy to run in. The main shoe companies only produce one or two trail shoes and most dont make them for girls. I've tried Asics Trabuco, but they only do a very narrow fit and when you are covering up to 100km foot swelling is a problem.
So this time I'm trying Brookes Cascadia. I did a trial run in them this week and I liked them. Very light but soles with excellent grip over rocks and through mud. My only complaint; why don't they come in pink? I also treated myself to a bottle belt as I really don't like the Camel Backs.

All is going well in the stitching department. I've finished block two in SOHRH and am pleased with the result. I've started my third block although it did nearly turn ugly last night. I was doing the black outer boarder and when I got to the top row found I was one single thread out. I counted and counted 92 x 92 until my eyeballs were almost bleeding and just couldn't find where the error was. After an hour I found that I had miscalculated over one small imperfection in the linen. And so the unpicking began. Grrrrr!!!

Thankyou for dropping by,
Cheers Karen.


  1. Hi Karen,
    I love the shoes:) Very the bright color! I have a hydration belt that is similar to yours and have been Running with it alot lately. I need it because of the heat and the gross humidity. I don't know how I survived last summer without it:)

    I hope that you have an excellent weekend!

  2. Hi karen, how are ya?

    I was bloghopping and landed here long enough to realise that you and your friends are pretty active people :D its awesome that you're enjoying all that muddy trails and keeping fit, happy & healthy; the very things we value most as we get older ;p

    Take care & keep on running 'em trails!!!

  3. You wrote of the eggs with dual nationality and what do you think of the team (Inter) that won the italian championship of football with no italians and the national rugby team with only 7 italians? To hydrate myself I always choose a route with some fountains.

  4. Ha Ha you are such a nut. See you tomorrow.