Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Race for Ducks.

Sunday morning saw 250 die hard maniacs line up to compete in the 26km Pioneer Women's Trail Run. You would be excused for thinking it was a race for ducks. It was absolutely bucketing down with rain. The rain had been falling for about 24 hours so the trail was exceptionally muddy!! Sunday was National Trust Day and this race was to honour the Pioneer Women who used this track several times a week carrying vegetables and dairy products on their backs or on yokes on their shoulders to Adelaide 35 km away. You can only be in awe of their toughness, doing this without all the fancy pants running gear and support that we had.

I got off to a good start with my race number upside down!!! Well I could read it.

As usual I took my place at the back of the pack. I play a vital role in SARRC because when I front up for an event the anxiety of coming last is removed from the other competitors because that is my job. And I carry this status with pride, although my friend Evi is trying to steal it from me.

Being at the back of the pack has enormous benefits. For starters I never have to worry about anyone overtaking me and more importantly girls, I get to perv at all the young bloke's bums running in front of me. You know the sort I mean; baggy little running shorts with just a hint of butt cheek showing . Does my hormones a world of good!!

There is however one chap who turns up occasionally and OMG it is tragedy in motion. Tight white shorts pulled up as high as his armpits with his " bits " almost in his ears. And it gets worse; crew socks pulled up to his knee caps.
So any blokes reading this, there is a dress code for running so please consider us fat Labradors at the back of the pack. A tight little butt in shorts is worth increasing our pace for. Tight white pull ups; NO WAY, I'm just gunna run backwards.

At the 5km checkpoint and still fairly clean!

I ran this race in my new Wizz Bang 2xu running tights. Word has it they're much better than the usual Skins and almost guaranteed to turn anyone into an Olympian! At $185 my hopes were high. I told DH they cost $300, then waited until he had recovered from the shock. Then when I told him the real price he was so relieved it wasn't the first price quoted he realised I hadn't spent all that much really.

Tight and supportive they certainly were. When I was 20 they would have fitted quite nicely over my svelte little butt, now they just held everything in and up and stopped me falling over any stray bits. I was given a free gym bag and towel when I bought them. NICE! but a bag of poly filler for the cellulite would have been more useful.

Now despite the really challenging conditions this run was an absolute blast and the running team I belong to The Twisted Sisters all finished in good times albeit in a very dirty, muddy and wet state.

Evi and DH in a heavy down pour of rain.

The Lions Club had a sausage sizzle waiting for us when we finished. Who would believe the humble snag could taste so good ?

The End, the feet tell the story.

Thanks for dropping by,
Cheers Karen.


  1. Once again I think you are mad.

  2. Wow, what a fun run....rain and all:) I enjoyed reading your race recap and I found it very entertaining:) I love that you were perving the young bloke's bums...good to know about running in the back:) Also, funny about the runner stud who was attempting to make a fashion statement with socks up to the knees and bits almost in his ears!! You are very funny! Have a wonderful week:)

  3. You must all be mad. I think Karen that I should have drowned you at birth. Would have if I had known what you would grow up like. I shivered like crazy reading your last episode.

  4. Hey Karen it is just like you are in the room with me. I could almost hear your voice in my ear as I was reading this lol. I will have you know that like all sensible people I was inside with the heater on full blast on the weekend.

  5. I congratulate you on your committment to your sport. (Found you through Spinster Stitcher's blog) I am certainly not a sporty type - have enough trouble with my walk around the block!
    I like it when I drive past footy or cricket practice...mmmmm...young men in their prime in shorts......mmmmm - so can appreciate your comments on the young men running ahead of you.
    I've scrolled through previous posts and also admire your bag collection.
    Nice stitching too!
    Nice to meet you.