Sunday, June 20, 2010

Back from vacation.

Nope I haven't dropped off from the face of the earth, been kidnapped by George Clooney, succumbed to the Ebola Virus or accidentally crossed the equator in a marathon. Rather DH and I flew the coop for 2 weeks for a winter holiday at the coast.

DH and I are not summer lovers and we both prefer winter, so the idea of two weeks away in winter by the sea is pure bliss. DS went off to his supported accommodation house and our 3, four legged, slobbering, sausage stealing poltergeists were puppy sat by their Nanna, and we ran away to Pt. Fairy on the Great Ocean Road. I love the wildness and emptiness of the beach in Winter with the rough seas and howling wind and rain. I also love to feed the seagulls.

In Winter you get to have the coffee shops all to yourself. It's so peaceful,quietly sipping your coffee, eating a calorie free cream cake and all minus the usual Yummy Mummy Brigade with their babycino slurping noisy offspring who always haunt a good coffee shop.Now I like kids, in small doses but dogs are better. When babycinos first came out they were free of charge. Now I notice they charge for them lol! I like to think of them as a Brat Tax.

We didn't get as much trail running in as I would have liked, as some days the weather conditions were too extreme. So with the Sydney 100 km. event only 8 weeks away, some serious salvage work has to be done. Unfortunately when on vacation I get a bad case of PMS; PERPETUAL MUNCHING SYNDROME. I have come back with a six pack, but they are cream cakes and not abs.

250 km of pure trail running bliss.

So I have 8 weeks to get from being a fat Labrador to a Whippet. I've explored a few quick fix healthy eating plans and have decided that The Masking Tape diet will be best for me. Tape over fridge door and Tape over mouth.

Trail Running heaven. Bridgewater Bay, Portland. Victoria.

Now for my stitching bloggy friends, a trip interstate is never without visits to the Quilt shops. I'm happy to report that some serious Stash Enhancement was achieved.
DH sheepishly inquired if he needed to put a trailer on the back of the car?
DH is a patient man and he's happy to wait for me in the car outside the Quilt shops. There have been one or two times however, when I finally returned to the car, buried under my new treasures and only his skeletal remains were left!

Please do not pity him. We have a fair exchange system in place. As a wannabe, frustrated fisherman he is totally obsessed with boat ramps and wharfs. So here's the deal; 3 wharfs for one quilt shop! And my God I have seen thousands of bloody boat ramps. Happiness is looking at another BORING slab of cement sliding into the sea.
DH has only ventured into a Quilt Shop on very rare occasions. He takes exception to being locked in the Husband cage away from the cash register.

I will post on my new stash and stitching progress tomorrow.

The beaches are lined with these colourful beach huts along the Mornington Peninsula.

Thanks for dropping by
Cheers Karen.


  1. Welcome back home. I agree, I prefer winter too, perhaps because here that is not a very cold season. Thanks for sharing the pics, as a former Coastie I love the sea.

  2. Hi Karen,
    Welcome back...I missed you and your entertaining posts:) I am glad that you had a nice vacation! I love the beautiful peaceful looking:)

    BTW, being kidnapped by George Clooney is a dream of mine:) Have a great week!

  3. What a wonderful blog you have, and it sounds like a wonderful life. So funny to hear you talk about the seasons in reverse from us. And I'd love to hear more about your son. One of my daughters is studying physical therapy and specializing in children with serious mental and physical disabilities. She currently works with a 19-year-old whose chromosomes split at birth or in utero (can't recall which) and then had a stroke during heart surgery, so he's paralyzed on one side. And yet, he emits so much warm and sunshine.