Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Snakes in blue t-shirts.

Snakes in blue t-shirts inhabit Anstey's Hill. Well according to DF. Cathy they do. With only 16 weeks to go until the 100km Sydney ultra marathon, I am training up in the hills in any spare time I get.

Cathy has decided to come up in the hills at least weekly. She wants to maintain her own running fitness but also thinks I need adult supervision! Personally I think she is just being a spoil sport. At 53 any chances of a virile young man wanting to have his wicked way with me is highly unlikely! AND SHE'S SPOILING MY CHANCES.
That's the thing about being over 50; kidnappers are not really very interested in you, and in a hostage situation you are likely to be released first.
Anyway before I digress too far; there we were running along a trail, me talking away( what's new ) when suddenly Cathy started screaming and threw herself into my arms yelling "SNAKE"!! ( In Winter! Really?) I screamed because she was and then the snake slithered past.You know the sort I mean, long, tanned, skinny and blonde, the sort we all hate, and wearing a blue t-shirt and Nike runners! Yes, you guessed it, another trail runner, who looked moderately bewildered at our antics and hysterical laughter.

Now to a more serious subject; I HAVE AN ADDICTION! I simply cannot put down Shores of Hawk Run Hollow by CHS . I've tried I really have, but the withdrawal symptoms are too hard to bear. My goal is to complete one block per month but at May 5 I am already over halfway through the next block and have the threads for the next. The quilting is lying in the WIP pile of death threatening to sue for emancipation of the unwanted. I will get to it , I really will.

Carriage House Samplings; second block.

I have 6 flowers left to applique on this little beauty, Meg's Garden by Kellie Wulfsohn and then its ready to be quilted. I have enjoyed this project so much I will miss it when I have finished it. I've appliqued this all by hand. Kellie said anyone mad enough to do this by hand has SERIOUS ISSUES.
Fact is however that when I hit the sewing machine things turn UGLY. That's another story for another day.

Meg's Garden.

Thanks for dropping by
Cheers Karen.

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  1. I am still struggling to believe you are going to run 100Km.