Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Bag Lady.

A girl can never have too many bags, well at least that's what I think. And if you can't buy them well make them. And if you make too many then be prepared for your friends at Quilt Class to call you THE BAG LADY! Such indignities one has to endure for such an innocent addiction. I must confess to having a huge collection now however , and all too precious to use. So many new fabrics and so many new bag patterns!

My collection of bought handbags is just as big. I particularly like Oroton leather handbags, and for many years I had DH actually believe that Oroton was a Target homebrand. Well, if he's silly enough to believe that a leather bag cost $29 what is a girl to do?

Here's just a small selection. Notice I'm a BIG BAG girl, yes I could live off the contents of my bag for at least a month.

Cheers from the Bag Lady.


  1. You are a girl after my own heart. I love bags but the only thing is that when I need one I can search for months until find just what I need. You must share more some day.

  2. You need to be more truthful than that and show all your bags LOL.