Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mapless and Clueless.

Over the last 3 weeks I have managed to run about 100km per week in preparation for Sydney. Yes it's tough! I have a mega case of Bot Rot, Knee Rot, Foot Rot and Frontal Lobe Rot.
But it's not all hard work and we do have a lot of fun. Monday was a case in point.

PLAN: 16 -20km, through Parra Wirra National Park from Kersbrook, through Snake Gully to Hum Bug Scrub.

MY ROLE: to bring the map ....... Well, I'm 53, I cant remember everything. ( or anything ! )

So mapless the four of us set off. Tracey had done this run the previous week and had only got lost four times, ( once finding the starting line ) so we were all feeling very confident. Our running team has a well established reputation for being very creative with our directions.

We actually did very well and personally I think I did everyone a favor in not bringing the map. Being mapless we only had to find the right way. Having a map complicates things, because quite frankly we never know where we actually are on the map and which way it should face.
My philosophy is whatever way I am facing must be North !!! I'm ok with that.

A small confession: we did have to use one lifeline and phone a friend. We were not lost, but just wanted to make sure we were still in Australia.

Tracey, Moi and Cathy.

It really was a very beautiful trail run, the highlight seeing four Emus taking a family bath in a pond of rain water.
After three hours we finally finished, hot and dirty, with fake tan running, botox leaking and all of us willing to sell our grandmothers for a cup of coffee.

Cathy trying to look seductive in her Panda Hat

Thanks for dropping by.
Cheers Karen.

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  1. So glad you stopped by my blog and commented. I dropped by because you said 'Papillion'...sad faces that I don't see pics of your babies.

    You have a new follower and I hope to see pics of them soon. :-)

    Thursday I posted a picture of my Papillion/Chihuahua mix. She's my doll. We've decided we will ALWAYS own a Pappy...they steal our hearts.