Thursday, May 20, 2010

Birthdays and Bagpipes.

DS Luke AKA (His Royal Highness or Your Lordship ) celebrated his 27th birthday during last week.
I write during last week because he managed to milk a whole weeks worth of celebrations out of it with various friends.
Each birthday is a bit of a triumph in our house because when DS finally came home from hospital at 18 months of age his doctors were not confident he would be here for his second birthday.
BIG MISTAKE: they only saw what was wrong with Luke and not the courage, stubbornness, mental toughness and sense of humor he has.
So here he is; disabled, but a typical 27 year old. Attitude +++, mum and dad considered a bit weird and slow but good for a bed, food and cash!

His biggest disability is his appalling taste in music. Absolute fave is the bagpipes, closely followed by Gilbert and Sullivan. I challenge any mum to feel highly maternal at 6am. on a Sunday morning when listening to the bloody bagpipes or the Mikado at full blast!!
But wait, there's more, he also loves Dixie Land Jazz and German Beer Hall music. Anyone introduces this young man to heavy metal and they're so not gunna survive!!

He loves the ladies BIG TIME . We call him Captain Subtle ( not ) And my God he certainly ropes in the girls. DH just drools in envy!

Thanks for dropping by
Cheers Karen.


  1. I usually have a whole month of celebrations for my birthday. You might not want to let him know that.

  2. Well, we'll extend that celebration a little longer! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

    My son just turned 27 also --- he has the heavy metal thing covered for your son. But, it's okay. I actually like it --- well, SOME of it. LOL

  3. Happy B/day Luke I know where you get your craziness from. Hmmm bagpipe music not sure I could cope with that.See you Tuesday