Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Win and a Finish.

Exciting news this week, I have been lucky enough to win a place to compete in Sydney in the 100km. trail ultra marathon.
I must add that this is not because I am any good but rather the Parks and Wildlife Service will only allow a limited number of competitors. Quite rightly they have concerns regarding the impact a tribe of lunatic ultra marathoners could have on the fragile environment. So selection is by ballot only.

My initial excitement was closely followed by OMG , what have I done..... well that's the sanitized version of the vitriol that poured from my mouth. I've had two previous attempts to complete a 100km. event. On both occasions the temperature has been over 38c and this fat Labrador does not like extreme heat. So instead of an endorphin charged sprint across the finish line, I have ended up in the medical tent semi conscious or half dead (is there a difference) and gasping like a bloated Cod Fish out of water. But Sydney in August, well that's Winter, so no excuses Fatso.
This is a team event, all four members must run the full distance together, finish together and have a well organised support team.(husbands can be useful here.)
So this weekend just gone saw most of us out training hard. The hamstrings are now screaming bloody murder and the calves are requesting a separation package. DH came out to support us this weekend; less said about this the better! He tripped on a rock, ended up horizontal on the track and now has a MAN cut under his chin.
So last night saw him requiring almost Code Blue emergency care from Moi! Six bandaides later I reminded him that Anne Boleyn had her whole bloody head cut off, and that did we see her whimping around after a bandaide? I DONT THINK SO!

So what's happened to the stitching this week you might ask?
Has the WIP(works in progress) pile of death been buried in the trenches? Has the happy, stitchy chair been cut up for crutches for DH? No....
I've finished my first block of Shores Of Hawk run Hollow by carriage House sampling and loved every stitch. I've started the next block: goal is one block per month.
The quilting has taken a position at the back of the pack just lately as I'm enjoying the cross stitch so much. But I have a couple of pictures of a recent quilting effort.

"Love is " by Rosalie Quinlan

Cheers Karen.


  1. I still think you are mad 100KM should only be done in a car. Glad to see you have finished that part of your X Stitch it is looking good.

  2. Very impressive 2nd post Karen. Can't believe that you put the words lucky win and 100km run in the same sentence though. Also note that you haven't managed to take off no reply blogger of your comments.