Monday, February 28, 2011

The Bold and the Beautiful does Deep Creek.

 Yes dear Reader, a scene of absolute tragedy akin to an episode of an American Soapie unfolded on our monthly trail run to Deep Creek Conservation Park; and starring none other than the Chubby Hubby and 3 beautiful ladies Gay, Julie and Moi.

Soft Bold and Beautiful music playing here if you please.

Deep Creek is located about 100 km. south west of Adelaide on the Fleurieu Peninsula. The trails in this area are very isolated and remote, physically demanding and often unmarked.
40 intrepid trail runners loaded into buses and cars at 6am. to begin the 2 hour drive to the start. 

We all formed small running groups for safety and set off for distances between 11 to 19 km's. Our group covered 17 1/2 km's but no matter what distance was covered most agreed it was the toughest trail run they had ever done.


So when did the Soap Opera begin you ask ?
Well, the Chubby Hubby started this event as he always does, a slow lumbering and grumbly pace.
" you're going too fast " he moans !!!

The next 10 -20 km. " Isn't it great me being out here supporting you. "

The business end of the run is always " What the  f#@k  am I doing out here ? "

All was going well as we descended down the long and rocky trail into Deep Creek Cove. The scenery was amazing and Kangaroo Island was almost close enough to touch.


Last week when race organiser Terry did a recky, Deep Creek was almost dry. But overnight rains turned it into this.


And it was here that the trail run all but became a swimming event. We all had a blast playing in the water as we crossed it. But what goes down must go up and Deep Creek doesn't get it's name for nothing.

 The water in this creek came up to my waist as I crossed it.

 Julie crossing the rocks.

 The climb out was amazing and if you enlarge the above photo you will see one of our runners going up the cliffs. A very steep ascent on all fours, climbing rocks and ledges and no marked trail.

 Girls just wanna have fun !!

Luckily the other Twisted Sisters weren't with us today so we didn't get lost !!
Chubby Hubby wanted me to take a photo here ! Well with what hand ?? I was clinging on for dear life and the only view I could see was Gay's bottom who was in front of me.
I don't much like heights but I must admit that this climb was brilliant. However it was about here that Chubby Hubby had his first Tanti ! During the final ascent to Tapanappa lookout he lost his breathing rhythm.

Tragic brow wipe here !
" I can't breathe. "

Moi, " Well never mind, oxygen is over rated "

Soap opera glare here - - - - 

It was about this time we got the man dying in the desert routine from him.
Now if Susi no Bum had been here we would surely have left him to die.
But Gay and Julie were completely sucked in. BIG TIME.

" Just leave me, save yourselves and let me die. " he murmurs.
Gently Julie and Gay help him onto a fence post, concern in their eyes. Meanwhile I'm looking around for a pillow to stuff over his head. I can't stand a noisy death scene.

In the ultimate act of trail runner sacrifice Gay gives him her last jelly bean !   " Just try Daryl, it's only 800 metres to go and no more hills " she lies.
He allows her to put the jelly bean between his parched lips.

Tragic Soap Opera look here - - - 

Moi, the woman of his dreams, leans forward and gently cups his face between her hands. I lean forward and whisper into his ear,


Now the last 2 km. I must admit were not particularly nice.
Seriously, who would put these stairs in here.

879 metres of stairs to get up and out. UGH !!!

Julie, Gay and I decided we sounded like female tennis players when pulling ourselves up these.
Meanwhile back in the Soap Opera, the death scene continued.

We found this waterfall and had a great time cooling off in it.

We all crossed the finish line and the Chubby Hubby like Lazarus rose from the dead and broke the minute mile getting to the door of the Yankalilla bakery.

Thanks for dropping by,
Cheers Karen.


  1. You are a hard woman Karen! Lol! Looks more like a Nightmare on Elm Street to me rather than the Bold and the Beautiful!

    Gorgeous scenery!

  2. Thanks for the laughs today - from here and the comment you left on my blog. I love how you treat your hubby. It gels with what my Grandma taught me - Treat them mean and keep them keen.

  3. Too funny!!! I like the modest description of yourself: beautiful lady and woman of his dreams!! This is reductive, you are more and more!!!
    Stars apart (the 3 ladies) I like a lot the picture with the waterfall.

  4. oh poor chubby time let the girls go by themselves........that i'll fix 'em.......

  5. Once again you are mad. I think you should being Hubby to sewing so we can give him the sympathy he deserves. Deep Creek looks beautiful.

  6. I love Deep Creek..went there a year or so ago....great walk down - no running for me...but the walk up was pretty was all fours stuff at one stage....and no jellybeans in sight! I think we are on the same wavelength when it comes to sympathy for partners!

  7. You truly are a nut case Karen but dad had a good laugh.Hope you are all better. Luke is a very caring sharing boy. We love him.