Monday, March 21, 2011

Running with Prostates.

Since I started my Blog last year I have received many emails from ladies asking how to join and run with a running team when you are no longer a " Spring Chicken ".

These girls all want to start running to get fit, loose weight and experience some of the adventures I write about. But most are intimidated by the thought of running with experienced and very fit athletes,
It has been my experience that the running fraternity encourages folk of all ages and fitness levels to join in. If you are not up to running then power walkers are also welcome. Most organised events have a walking category. People of all ages and abilities participate and those runners who are extremely fit and fast always encourage those of us who are somewhat slower. When I am out on a group run or even in an event I will always make a point of spending some time encouraging a newbie..

When I first started running with the South Australian Road Runners I had been in training for about a year with a personal trainer  and had progressed from not being able to run at all, to running 10 to 15 km. comfortably. At organised group runs everyone organises themselves into small groups based on distance and whether you are a walker, jogger or runner.
I always join in with the long distance jogging group and there are many mature aged men and ladies in this group, although mostly men.

The older men are great to run with especially if you want to improve your time and distance.
If they are still running in their 60's or 70's then they are usually ex marathoners and have a lot of running knowledge which they are happy to share. Many of them will still be running the marathon.

But I am not a nurse for nothing, and so when I see an older male runner I think PROSTATE.
So here's the secret girls; these boys tend to run the longer distances, But happily for me require frequent toilet stops. So, whilst they are all in the Loo I get the chance to catch up with them, catch my breath and  run a long distance with frequent stops.

 Two Chubby Hubby's looking for a toilet stop.

But wait, there's more
- when you run with men in their 70's and you are in your 40's or 50's then you are still a youngish chick in their eyes which is great for your ego.

- older men are too polite to beat you.
- they don't upset you hormones by running without a shirt and displaying god dammed gorgeous 6 packs, pecs and biceps.

- they don't do Snot Rockets on the pavements like many of the younger male runners do.

If you really want to run with girls then choose fellow Wobblies as it's easier to concentrate when you feel better about yourself. 

 Three chubby prostates in a row.

 And three little maids are we.

But whatever you do, DO NOT RUN WITH MAMIL'S   (  middle aged men in Lycra  )
So not a good look and you really don't want to be seen with them. Plus you never know whose watching.

And so ladies, what ever your age, pluck up the courage and run. It's fun.
I didn't run my first marathon until I was 52. And yes, they time me with a calendar instead of the clock, but I still do it.

Of course you can always do what a group of my friends and I have done. We formed our own running team and often compete as a team.

 Our running team, The Twisted Sisters.

Thankyou for visiting my blog
Enjoy life and laugh at yourself


  1. I think we can safely say that I will never ask you about jogging, but great information if every develop dementia and forget about my fear of running and want to join in.

  2. I took forever to join a group because I was afraid I'd be too old and too slow. But having joined up I found that runners are so inclusive. They don't care about your speed or your age - they just care if you run.

  3. With dodgy ankles and knees, the concept of running for 'fun' just does not appeal, but I do applaud you for your dedication and humour.
    I'll applaud you from way over here in my comfy chair!

  4. hi Karen,
    hmm stumbled on your blog, but so pleased I did. I have recently moved to an area where there is no gym (or decent one anyway), and need to kick my butt to get motivated to get back into running, so guess I just need to get out there and do it huh!!

  5. This is a very interesting post. Before, I like how you explain the steps from the start to the marathon and after all the thoughts about the men... as a man 54 y.o. I can see myself in your words.
    All the best to you, the Twisted Sisters and ... the 3 prostates in a row.

  6. I can attest to the running world being very accepting of new runners. I'm 55 and started running last June. I'm stll a newbie and still slow.

    I just love the names you come up with for people, especially the MAMIL's!

  7. Now I realize to be a MAMIL!!!!!

  8. Nothing you say will EVER get me running I'm with Amanda if I ever show interest it has to be dementia. LOL see you soon.