Saturday, February 5, 2011

Mutual Community Challenge.

Adelaide in January buzzes with the excitement of The Tour Down Under.
Our event is now well recognised on the world pro cycling calendar and we attract all the world's top cycling teams here to compete.
American Bike Racing Champion Lance Armstrong, has always been very supportive of out event and this year chose The Tour Down Under as his farewell professional race.

Our city literally explodes with Lycra : the good, the bad and the ugly. I do believe there is strong evidence for some Lycra Police during January.
It's impossible to avoid all the excitement this event creates and most of South Australia gets involved.

Several community rides/events take place in conjunction with the TDU, and this year Chubby Hubby, Moi and DF John cycled in the Mutual Community Challenge Tour.

 Chubby Hubby and John waiting to start the race.

 Chubby Hubby and Moi at the start line.

 This race takes place on stage 4 of the TDU and you do the same circuit as the professional riders do and get to go through the same finishing line. It was such a buzz.

 The professionals start the same route 6 hours later and so you have to pedal hard to be finished in time for them.

Everyone waiting to start.

 The race was 135 km. from Norwood to Strathalbyn and there were 4 distances to choose from. The ride took us through the beautiful country roads of the Adelaide Hills and much of it was uphill.
Whilst cycling uphill was tough, I feared for my bloody life going down the big hills.
It's well documented on my blog about my " Klutziness " on a bike and so me cycling downhill at 40 to 50 km. per hour was almost suicidal.
 I am happy to tell that I successfully completed the ride with John and the Chubby Hubby, did not fall off and still had clean underwear !!
 Nearly 8000 riders took part and many people lined all the roads to cheer us on. It was also good to be able to cycle past folk who were having to push their bikes up some of the hills. Some of the hills were killers and it would have been much easier to run up them.
But as Dear Friend Susi No Bum would say, " Fake it till you make it. "

 John, Moi and Daryl after we finished.

 The finish line.


Chubby Hubby Daryl.

Thanks for dropping by,
Cheers Karen. 



  1. One of my friends was supposed to do this but the Brisbane floods intervened and she couldn't make it. I won't tell her what a good ride (if we discount the killer hills) it was.

  2. Well done you. Haven't you heard the term MAMIL's
    Mature Aged Men In Lycra.

  3. Great photo for a greater smile!
    Lance Armstrong came there to pay homage to lady Karen and her Court.

  4. Fantastic smile! You look so happy to finish. Chubby Hubby not so much.