Friday, February 18, 2011

A Runner does not a Stitcher make.


Okay, so I might be able to traverse high mountains and deep gullies on a muddy trail, wrestle with 3 metre Brown Snakes, out run a big Red Kangaroo, and run lunatic trails with Susi No Bum and the Twisted Sisters in all weathers. But I cannot, I repeat cannot stitch and sew a bloody handbag from Amy Butler's latest book, " Style Stitches ".

The bag in question " Miss Maven Ruffled Handbag " looked easy enough, but what I failed to see in the directions was " for experienced stitchers only " and " idiots should not attempt ".

All went well until I got to the handles and then things went seriously pear shaped. I stitched and unpicked, stitched and unpicked, profanities were profuse and said bag was sent into orbit across the stitching room. When all else fails, blame Madame Bernina and she was threatened with this ------

Miss Frilly Bloody Impossible Bag was at risk of being used for Target Practice !!!!
When things go wrong just aim and FIRE.

This is how I dream of sewing, serene and relaxed and it's  so never going to happen.

Just when Amy Butler and her book were receiving the venom of my spleen along came DF Leanne from The Stitching Room.
Leanne to the rescue.

With Leeanne's help this was the final result. Ta dah . A bag which can be used and whose life was saved by an experienced stitcher.

Of course I am still stitching up a storm with my hand sewing as part of the Crazy January Challenge.

Another finish " Ira Ray Crow " from The Goode Huswife.

A freebie from an unknown source.

 My Sister's completed Pink Basket.

Next project for the Crazy January challenge to be stitched.

I also love this book by the Blackbird Design Girls and have chosen to do the Hexagon pin board as another project for the January challenge.

The Hexagon pin up board in progress.


A Lizzie Kate finish, block 2 of the Green Flip it Series.

Thanks for stopping by,
Cheers Karen.


  1. You are such a dag, Hey you have a blackbird book I haven't got yet must remedy that situation.

  2. Your not that bad you crazy women

  3. Lol! I love Leanne too! (Oh. And I love your hexies. I am crazy for hexies at the moment and yours are divine.)

  4. you always amuse me well with your posts.........if Leanne couldn't help you you should have thrown the bag and the book...........she is a bag whiz.........and it does look great..........nice book and cross stitching..........

  5. I think your bag looks great!I am getting ready to try my second bag from the book this weekend and I hope everything goes well or at least better than the last time. Love the hexies, they will look great on that message board!

  6. That bag turned out really well. I only sew at Halloween, and then I think that a) I can go a year without sewing and whip up complicated costumes for 5, and b) I can do so in less than a week while still working full time. Uhhh...right. I usually spend the first costume ripping out seams as I re-learn how to read a pattern, have to take a day off work to finish, and am generally not a person you would want to be around...unless you enjoy streams of profanity and having your head bitten off. Thank goodness it's only once a year!

  7. Attaching small flags to the big flag is one of my concerns for my running flag project. I'm not sure if everyone will pay to get it done or just try sewing it themselves. Not many people can do what you do so nicely. My morning runs are slowly getting cooler and darker but the days are still warm.

  8. funny ....funny...nice stitching...

  9. You had me laughing out loud with this post...I didn't realize Amy Butler bags were such a challenge. Gorgeous result though :)

  10. Hi Karen
    I just had a quick read of your blog. You've made such an interesting life for yourself. My sister lives with me, and she just joined a Bushwalking Club, and we were discussing how to deal with snakes in the bush. I just cringe at the thought of them. How do you cope? Have you ever had a close encounter with one? I'd love your opinion.

  11. Just discovered the BBD book at my friend's, I stitched the little red hen.
    I love the board and the flea pincushion, too.