Monday, July 25, 2011

How good can a trail run be ?

This run is truly trail running Nirvana. The scenery is absolutely spectacular and apart from an initial steep climb to the trail up some steps it remains mostly undulating. This run is a small section of the Great South Western Trail Walk, starting in this section at Cape Bridgewater just out of Portland in Victoria.


My only complaint with this run is that the views become more fabulous the further you go. It's oh so tempting to keep saying , just a couple more kilometers and then  forget that you need to turn around and run back.

Even I can get a bit of speed up on this easy trail.


 The Chubby Hubby wanted this photo of his very self included because he thinks he looks like George Cloony here. Nuff said !!

 Moi living dangerously !

 A lovely gentle run up this hill and you are rewarded with more fabulousness .


This beautiful coastline goes on and on . See why it is impossible to stop running ?

We ended up running for about 3 hours on this trail , the only reason for stopping was because we were running out of daylight and it was starting to get extremely cold.
We plan to return here in a couple of days and start running again further up the trail . This trail is over 300 km. long so there is tons to see.

Thankyou for visiting my blog,
Cheers Karen and the Chubby Hubby.


  1. You make me want to do this trip too you know!

  2. What a beautiful run! Scenic runs are usually very difficult so this trail is a bonus for sure.

  3. When I took my glasses off and stepped back 2 meters then squinted at the computer screen, Chubby Hubby looked exactly like George Clooney. Uncanny!