Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cycling is a Blood Sport.

The idea I thought was a good one. The Chubby Hubby reluctantly packed our bikes to bring away on holiday with us. It took quite a lot of skillful negotiation on my part to get him to agree to this. The excuses from him were plentiful.
- What, exercise on holiday ?
- Isn't it enough that you'll make me run ?
- How will I have time to visit the bakeries ?

Anyhow, the Port Fairy Council has constructed a bikeway from Port Fairy along an old railway easement to Warrnambool 37 km. away.
Now I was quite keen to do the full 37km. with a return trip of 74km. Luckily the Chubby Hubby is the more cautious of the two of us and suggested we just cycle as far as Koroit 19km., lunch at the bakery and then return to Port Fairy.

The first 2km. was bitumen track and made for very easy cycling. After that the trail becomes impacted gravel or dirt. We have never cycled on trails before and it was honestly very hard on the legs. They have had a lot of rain in this area just recently and so the dirt trail was very soft and quite muddy in places. It took a lot of effort on the legs to pedal through this. Plus we had a very strong head wind blowing on us all the way.


All the surrounding farmland was flooded with water.

This is usually just a very small creek.


The Chubby Hubby taking Bot Rot rest number one.


It was a really beautiful cycling track and we both really enjoyed it .

Moi taking Bot Rot rest number two.

Water, water everywhere !

After 2 hours we finally staggered into Koroit, with the Chubby Hubby quickly locating the bakery. As he ate his pasty and cake he declared that was the toughest thing he had ever done. Too bad we had the return 19 km. to go.
Those of  you who frequently visit my blog will know that I can not be relied upon to stay upright on my bike. Well the inevitable happened with only about 2 km. to go. But did my Knight in shining armour come to my aid ? Oh No ! Out came the camera to record my indignity. He thought it was my just deserts for the suffering I had just inflicted on him.

Thanks for visiting my blog,
Cheers Karen and the Chubby Hubby.


  1. Gravity made you do it. I do think that one day Karma will catch up with Chubby Hubby and he'll get his just desserts - but they'll probably come from a bakery.

  2. A pastie and a cake? that was terribly restrained of chubby hubby after such a grueling ride. It's funny, I think all your running exploits are just madness, but the bike riding I get.

  3. A Knight in shining armour? Is he a collegue of mine?
    Great pictures of a tough ride.