Wednesday, July 20, 2011

God's Fave Run.

The Chubby Hubby and I are staying at Port fairy for a couple of weeks. Port fairy is in Victoria, one of the southern states of Australia. We have traveled overseas many times but this remains one of our all time favorite destinations. The Chubby Hubby loves anything to do with the sea and fishing, and I love all the trail runs here.

This small 10 km. run has got to be one of the prettiest anywhere. The above photo shows the beginning of the run and goes along the boardwalk at Port Fairy for about 1km. On many of the days the wharf is full of yachts and large fishing vessels.

The run then winds it's way past the boardwalk and along a quiet coastal road until it meets a seawall which was built in the 18th century when Port fairy was a thriving port for ships going to Melbourne.


The causeway is quite long and wide enough to run at a good pace without going over the side. The water here is quite sheltered as the causeway separates the ocean from the Moyne River which runs into the sea here.


On the far upper left of this photo you can just see the causeway leading out into the sea, and this is where this run takes me.


Looking back along the causeway you can see it is very eroded by the waves splashing over and so Miss Clumsy here has to watch her step. You also often have to dodge waves splashing over.


The Chubby Hubby doing what he does best when I finally dragged him to the end. He was quite happy to tell any walkers how cruel I am to make him run.


Here's me quietly enjoying the wind and cold and ready to run back.

Thankyou for visiting my blog,
Cheers Karen and The Chubby Hubby.


  1. It looks like wonderful place I must put it on my list of places to visit.

  2. My Bradley loves Port Fairy. He visited once years ago and always said he wants to live there one day. We went there last year which was a first for me. Perhaps he had hyped it up too much, but we were both a little disappointed. You have opened my eyes to it's beauties though in this post. Maybe we won't live there, perhaps a little holiday is what we need.

  3. It looks absolutely gorgeous. Can I say I have runner's envy?

    I can't believe that you're clumsy! What?! You've got photographic evidence involving a bike?!!

  4. The last pic is too nice!!!!
    It looks like a wonderful place to visit but unfortunately I live too far.