Monday, October 4, 2010

Humble Pie.

Okay, so a seriously big slice of Humble Pie needs to be eaten today.
For months I have been banging on and poking fun at the Chubby Hubby's, and for good reason I might add. But yesterday both DH and Mike both proved themselves as ultra marathoners, whilst I was a non finisher withdrawing from the race at 21 km.

Yes the two Chubby Hubby's successfully completed the 56 km. Yurrebilla ultra trail marathon in 10 hr 45 min, their stomachs crossing the line first in 10 hr 40 min.!!! This is a very gruelling and tough cross country run with lots of steep climbs and rocky descents through the Adelaide Hills. Many participants do not finish this run.

My run started well and whilst I felt I had over trained I was confident as I had successfully completed this run last year. I covered the first 20 km. in 90 minutes, well ahead of my race plan. However at 15km. we descended into a steep gully where it was very hot and humid.
I'm always totally crap in the heat and so within a few minutes in this gully I became quite nauseated and light headed. I pushed on through the nausea for another 3km. but by this time I was also experiencing severe hamstring cramps and excruciating back pain. With only 3km. to go to the next check point where I knew I could get help, I knew I had to make a quick and sensible decision on whether to continue or not.
However by the time I neared the check point my legs were very weak, wobbly and shaking so I really had no choice.
I also believe I was in the wrong mind set for the event. For some unknown reason I simply didn't feel motivated or interested. I must add that if this had just been one of our training runs I would have canceled, pulled the blankets over my head and gone back to sleep.

Daryl and Mike with only 6 km. to go and about to tackle the steepest climb in the run.

Susi found this particularly tasty but distressed Italian runner on the trail and they finished the run together.

The race marshalls try to make the day fun and go to a lot of trouble to make us laugh.

The event this year was very difficult for most competitors. Runners who usually do very well withdrew with severe cramping, heat exhaustion or just crawled across the finish line. DF Cathy and Judy who are new to trail events both struggled through severe pain and exhaustion and finished although not in qualifying time. DF Cathy when she crossed the finish line said if any one ever says the word Yurrebilla to her ever again she would KILL them !

Twisted Sister Tracey fell into the grass at the finish line and there she stayed for some time.

Susi no Bum has been given a very stern lecture from me for continuing the event whilst severely ill with a gastrointestinal problem and palpitations. Sheer bloody madness. No event is worth killing yourself over.

Chubby Hubby Daryl and Moi at the finish line.

Mike and Daryl after finishing.

Daryl, Mike , Susi No Bum and Kym.

Judy crossed the finished line and fell into this chair.

DF. Cathy with her daughter Georgina.

And so The Twisted Sisters and The Chubby Hubby's racing season comes to an end. We've had a very successful but tiring season, and we are all now ready for a rest as most of us are completely Burnt Out.


Thanks for dropping by;
Cheers Karen.


  1. Congratulate Chubby Hubby for me, and I am glad you paid attention to your body and pulled out when necessary. See you at sewing soon.

  2. That would have been a lovely apology if not for this "PS: YOU ARE BOTH STILL CHUBBY LOL !"

  3. Centuries of glory and story and those 2 race marshalls risk to waste the runners' reputation!
    Joking... they are funny and made me laugh.

  4. I have finally posted my blog and came across to check yours out .Congratulations to Darrly and Mike for a very good effort.
    My stomach still doesn't like the feel of food. You have given a better rounding up of the event. Judy

  5. Congrats Daryl good for your self esteem to outdo Karen. Well done Karen for knowing when your body has had enough.

  6. Woah, are you sure you ran the first 20 km in only 90 minutes? I'm an XC runner in high school and run a 5K in about 19 and a half minutes. If you ran at that pace, it wouldn't have been that much slower than my 5K pace! And I'm a 17 year old boy!

    Anyways, it was a good idea to get out when you did. I know it sucks not to finish something like that that you've trained so hard for... Good luck with your next event!

    And check out my running blog if you have any interest!

  7. Hi Karen,
    Wow, what a wonderful race report! I always love your pictures:) Those race marchalls are a hoot:) I have had my share of the humble pie too! It is the racing Gods way of keeping us from getting to cocky:)

    You guessed it...I will absoutley run another one! Who can only really just do one marathon?

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. omg

    I am totally in awe. I admire you all for your spirit and dedication to your sport.
    As a comfortable chair warmer, there is no way in god's own earth that you will convince me that the words fun and run belong together.
    You ran over 20km and call that failure?? Good grief...I'd be lucky to run 21 metres without serious injury.
    I love all the names you have for your running mates.
    I am in awe... think I'll have to go have a long nap now to get over the exertion from reading your running

    Congratulations on your achievements!

  9. Wow! I love your blog. You and your friends are such great inspiration. So are the Chubby Hubbies! I love the name you have for your groups!

    Thank you for you words of motivation on my blog.