Monday, September 27, 2010

A Run and a Funeral.

Today I have reluctantly held a funeral for three of my sadly departed toe nails.
Their death was quick but relatively painless and two of their close friends are likely to join them soon in toe nail heaven.

Life is short and brutal when you are the toe nail of a long distance runner. Farewell my sadly battered and bruised friends. May your next life be on the pretty little toes of Paris Hilton in her dainty little shoes and not in my muddy, smelly runners.

Susi No Bum with the two Chubby Hubbys. Nuff said !

Last Saturday's Trail.

Said toe nails received mortal wounds whilst supporting Moi's Barge Arse during the Sydney 100km. event, with the final blow being struck during the 32 km. Sea to Summit Race.
They had a good life ; never squeezed into those high, stiletto Tart Trotters some girls wear, nor painted layer upon layer like a Sara Lee Struedal. Nor did they suffer the indignity of having plastic pretend thingy nails glued on top of them. Nope life was good for them. Well travelled, dont you know , and treasured.

Our bush trails are already starting to dry out now Spring is here.

The trail running season for the Twisted Sisters is now coming to an end. Next Sunday is the Yurrebilla Ultra and in November The Black Hill Challenge. Then aside from our monthly social trail runs with SAARC most of our runs will be shorter 10 km. events.
Our extreme heat in South Australia , snakes and bushfires prevent us from doing any lengthy trail runs in Summer.

So we are now discussing some options to keep our training and fitness up during Summer and have decided upon;
  • competitive bike riding.
  • indoor rock climbing.
  • beach running.
  • road running.
  • ?? triathlons.
But for now the Twisted Sisters and the Chubby Hubbys are still out on the trails. We haven't seen any snakes yet, but Spring is nesting time for the Magpies. These birds are very protective of their nests and they become very aggressive. They swoop down low as you run near their trees and attack from behind pecking your head. AND THEY HURT!!
It's quite a sight seeing runners out on the trails, running and swinging sticks above their heads. As a child I had six stitches in my head from a magpie attack, so you will understand they mean business!!

Last Sunday we had South Australia's biggest fun run for the year; the City to Bay 12km. event from Adelaide to Glenelg Beach. Nearly 31,000 people took part.

The Twisted Sisters take part in this run but we do not do this run as a timed event. Instaed we use this run to support our Chubby Hubbys or friends wanting to do a run for the first time.
My Chubby Hubby ran the whole 12 km. without stopping as did Susi No Bum's Chubby Hubby. But there were complaints from both of them when we then made them turn around and run back to Adelaide. No stamina in these boys. !!!

Me trying to run slow enough for the Chubby Hubby.

The Chubby Hubby breaking the 24 hour time barrier ! You go Boy!

Me and my friend Viv who ran her first ever fun run.

And so fellow runners who pass through my blog, love and cherish your toe nails as they are not with us forever.

Happy Running,
Cheers Karen.


  1. Viv is looking a little red in the face there. May those toe nails be in a nicer place than on your feet.

  2. One of my running friends recently asked how many black toenails I had. I'd never had any but the very next week I got one - I'm blaming him for my unsightly foot.

  3. Poor toe nails, please let me know where I can send the flowers for the grave!