Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Never run with Chubby Hubby.

Last Sunday, a crisp spring Adelaide morning saw 144 intrepid trail runners abandon their cars at Mt. Lofty and catch a chartered bus down to Kingston Park beach to begin The George Driscoll Sea to Summit Trail run; 32km. with a total height gain of 1400 metres, all the way uphill and through some very rough trails.

Kingston park Beach.

Our Leader Terry at the pre race meeting.

This is where we left our cars!

The George Driscoll Sea to Summit Trail traverses the traditional lands of the Kaurna People and we were very lucky that some of the traditional land owners acted as volunteers on the day.
All the trail runners take turns acting as volunteers for our events and for this run I was the course Sweep, AKA The Grim Reaper! This means it was my job to run the trail at the back of the pack, set the pace for the slower participants and also remove the trail markers along the way.
Of course this meant that I was not able to actively participate as a timed runner, which was ok. But what I didn't anticipate was having the company of Chubby Hubby !
Now Chubby Hubby likes to participate in our events but usually I off load him to another group of Chubby Hubbys. However Susi No Bum's once Chubby Hubby ( but now just bad knees ) was unable to join us, so I was left with DH.

Now the politest way to comment on his performance is " he had a bad day in the office ". But OMG, I was almost reduced to total despair. He made very poor pre race nutritional choices and so whilst he started the run really well, hit the wall at around 16 km. and never got his mojo back. I'm quite sure I've seen corpses move off the autopsy table quicker than he was.

I was further disadvantaged by trying to support a small group of girls at the start of the race who were first timers. They were really struggling trying to keep pace up the hills and eventually retired at 6 km. I found a group of other runners who were lost and had to set them on the correct track and then in true Twisted Sister fashion also got myself hopelessly lost. A big Thankyou to a new group of runners who thought they would remove the course markers instead of leaving them for me and left me up SHIT CREEK without a paddle!!

DH knew I was getting very frustrated with him and was ready to push him over a cliff so he then tried the Smootchey Tactic.

DH: Isn't it lovely that we are doing this together.

Moi: No it bloody well is not. Just put one foot in front of the other and Move it !

DH: I'd support you if you were struggling.

Moi: W ell I'm not struggling and you're not even trying.

DH; I'm tired , SNIVVEL, SNIVVEL. I've got no energy.

MOI: Tell some one who FRIGGIN WELL CARES !

Fortunately Susi No Bum finished her run long before us so she came back down the hill to rescue me from The Chubby Hubby and to prevent a certain murder.

All that can be said is Thank God for Susi No Bum and Lofty Coffee.

Moi, collecting the course tags.

The Chubby Hubby with a well chosen sign holding him up !

Thankyou for visiting my blog.

Cheers Karen.


  1. Ha Ha love the "parting". And the slow point too, of course.

  2. Love your honesty! Who amongst us hasn't had murderous thoughts about their better(?) halves?!

  3. Slow point is my favourite point!!! Better if there I can find a fresh Coca Cola!