Monday, October 25, 2010

Pink October.

October in Australia as in most countries is the month we remember and support ladies with breast cancer. My family has unfortunately been affected by this awful disease. My sister Helen, cousins Dawn and Sandra, and friends Lynne, Annie and Helen have all had breast cancer. Sandra sadly passed away from it at only 39 years.

On October 17  DH, Moi and 2 of the other Twisted Sisters,  Tracey and Jacky ran the 10 km. Race for Life here in Adelaide.

This was my first road race since February and it felt very strange on a flat surface. This run took us along the River Torrens and through the parklands of Adelaide and many runners really got into the Pink Theme.

I ran a time of 61 minutes, not brilliant, but a good starting point for the middle distance racing season. My sister Helen also did a survivors lap in Darwin.

My sister Helen on the right.

The Twisted Sisters do the race for Life.

Adelaide warms up for the race.

My stitching this past week has also been pink. I am making a selection of cross stitch pink mini cushions for my sister.

The Pink Ribbon cushion is a freebie from the DMC website and the other is a Lizzie Kate freebie.

 This Saturday I went on my first bike ride for the season and amazingly I stayed upright and did not add to my blood trail on the bike track. DH and I went with friends Lil and John and we a did a 20 km. Tour de Bakery. DF John,  also known as Mr Fix It makes bikes out of  piles of junk. His wife Lil was not impressed with his latest creation for her and she got a mega case of Bot Rot.

 John and DH sorting Lil's NEW Bike !!

We cycled 20 km. to a brilliant bakery at St. Peters, had coffee and cake and then cycled back up Linear Park.

Guess which cake belongs to the Chubby Hubby ?

Lil and my Chubby Hubby.

Lil, Daryl and John.

 I am hoping to enter a couple of bike races over Summer with Susi no Bum and her Chubby Hubby.
Those of you who have visited my blog before will know that I do not care for Chubby Hubby's in Lycra. But please tell me : do you think my Chubby Hubby has gone too far to please me ???

 Thank you for visiting my blog.
Cheers Karen.



  1. You are mad and I feel really sorry for CH. Is that really him??????

  2. I don't think that CH is chubby enough to be called CH. You make me tired just reading it.

  3. Karen how could you. Poor CH how embarrassing. You are definitely crazy.Must agree though looks better without the lycra.

  4. I love that you ran a 10K to honor people who have breast cancer! Nothing like getting into the pink spirit...loving the pink wigs and cute outfits:) Cheers to Helen!! Stay strong Bon Bon!!

    Is that really chubby hubby? That looks painful to me:)