Thursday, June 23, 2011

Touch and Die.

Dear Husband, Dear Son, Dear Four Legged Children, this is my new Hexagon Pillow which has taken me at least 6 months to make . I made it all by hand except the final construction.

It is NOT to be used for pillow fights or putting your smelly heads on. No dribbling is to be allowed near it and definitely no scratching it and turning circles on it until you find the right spot on it to sleep.

Anyone caught transgressing these rules will DIE !!!  ( insert evil chuckle here !! )

Happy Stitching,
Cheers Karen.


  1. You don't really mean that. The pillow is fantastic.

  2. Well, you probably know Karen best Leanne, but she sounded dead-set serious to me! (If I came to your house Karen I would be really careful!) Love the cushion. It looks gorgeous!

  3. The threat of death is a good one for the two-legged beasts but I'm wondering if the 4-legged ones will respond as well. The ones in my house just look at me and shrug and continue to do what they were going to anyway.

  4. Yep....sounded serious to me too! you did leave out something though.....I had a beautiful silk - hand quilted pillow that has never been the same since it was used as a knee pad for a "fielder" in a game of indoor cricket - I was away on holiday at the time and had left my uni age son at home....there is also a dent in the fridge door courtesy of a golf ball being used for said indoor cricket match! Love your cushion...great work! (and good luck with keeping it looking that way)

  5. Love the cushion,Karen....just tooo divine!!

  6. It beautiful Karen, fantastic job. Coco takes great delight in playing with one of my embroidered cushions so I don't think the 4 legged fiends will take notice of the blog post.