Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Barossa Half Marathon.

The most recent event that the Twisted Sisters and the Chubby Hubbies ran together was the Barossa half marathon which we ran in May.

This event is run through an iconic tourist area of South Australia where many of our world renowned vineyards are and wines are made.

Twisted Sisters Susi no Bum, Moi and Tracy all ready to go.

The Chubby Hubbies; Daryl, Simon and Mike with Sue. Mike of.course could not waste time posing for the photo. He was too busy getting all his technology ready for the run. You could be excused for thinking he was boarding the Starship Enterprise instead of running with all the stuff he takes with him.


The starting line.

The event was very well organised with plenty of drink stations and course markings.It was a flat straight out and back run and made for some very fast times. The musical entertainment at the start and finish line was also a nice touch. Many members  of the trail running group including us took part and we all found it quite challenging. Because we are used to the different surfaces encountered in a trail run most of us found the pounding on the pavement for 21 km. quite harsh on the body.

Running through the vineyards was quite spectacular.


Moi at the 17 km. mark.


Chubby Hubby Daryl.


My only negative comment with the event would be the diappointment with the Barossa Council in not making the event a higher profile. Well over 900 runners took part and yet they made us run on some quite obscure bike paths and back roads. It would have been good if we could have started or finished in one of the small towns in the area and run on some of the roads where the tourists go.


Mike looking good.

Whilst I enjoyed the run, this is not an event I would do again. I found the pounding on the roads quite harsh on my back and have decided I am better suited to the trail events. All of the Twisted Sisters and Chubby Hubbies found it quite boring just running up a bike path.
Despite this we all ran a good time, me finishing in 2:16. I was quite pleased with this as I had only run the Great Ocean Road 1/2 two weeks before.

Here's me crossing the finish line with very little style evident. My back was killing me.

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Cheers Karen.


  1. Well done. I love that last photo of you - all sunny and happy. Shouldn't you be hurting more?

  2. Good to read your post after I caught up with you.Well done.Judy

  3. I agree about the path. A run, especially a long run, must not be boring, we have to enjoy the landscape, the city, the people. You are right to put it in the black list.
    Great pics, you made ma laugh with the comment on Mike (no wasting his time).
    The last pic deserves your header.

  4. everytime I reply to comments you leave they bounce...........looks like they go to this address

  5. Nice job Karen! It looks like a pretty race but I understand your feeling about being a little disappointed just running on a bike path. Great pictures and you look fabulous and happy! Way to go on your time too!