Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Running with Scrambled Eggs.

The Cyberspace Gods have been playing tricks on me the last couple of weeks. Last Thursday I posted on my blog, several people left comments and then without warning it all disappeared from my blog into cyberspace.
My face Book page has also had the same gremlins. Messages have appeared and then disappeared, friends have been unfriended and then magically refriended without me doing anything. Other friends are still showing on my friend list but at their end have been unfriended. Weird huh ?
Hopefully all is sorted now but if you have been unfriended from my FaceBook site or deleted as a follower from my blog, well it wasn't me.
Some of you may already read the blog I posted, but since it has disappeared I will try and duplicate it.

Those of you who visit my blog regularly will know that I had a breast cancer scare just recently. My annual mammogram showed a concerning abnormality and so I was called into the Breast Assessment Clinic for a day of The Works .
This involved a repeat more detailed mammogram, ultrasound, aspiration and biopsy. Fortunately all was well, none of the tests were really uncomfortable at the time, but I was left with quite alot of residual discomfort , including a very sore sternum. ( breast bone. )
Now my husband will happily tell anyone that my boobs are only the size of poached eggs but I can tell you they felt well and truly scrambled after these investigations.


Despite this discomfort however I still competed 2 days later in the South Australian Trail Running Championships. Not my wisest decision !  But I did make a small concession however by just running the shorter 12 km. course instead of the 24 km. long course.
At the pre race briefing we were told to enjoy and have fun, but also advised that the local pistol club were out target practicing !!!  Any slow runners were MARKED !!


The first 6 km. went straight uphill. Although it was a cool morning most of us soon became really hot in the sun and the first water station was a God Send. The scenery in the Adelaide Hills above the city was beautiful. As we have had good Autumn rains the hills were a lovely green instead of the usual brown.


The first water station.

A challenging but pretty course.

The Scrambled Eggs coped well going up the trails but when it came to running back down things turned ugly.
Every step I ran sent a jarring pain right into my sternum and it made running quite difficult. Despite this I still came second in my age group, ran a good time, didn't get shot by the pistol club and  finished before the Chubby Hubby.

Daryl crossing the finishing line.

 Happy Running.
Cheers Karen.


  1. I love that trail! Well, I love the idea of that trail? My great grandmother used to walk it to sell goods way back when.

  2. Ha, I can just imagine those eggs! Well done, you did great, eggs and all. 2nd in your age group...congratulations! Love the photos!

  3. All very strange. I lost a post, but it came back day later.