Saturday, May 28, 2011

Just Stitching

Although I seem to be having Big Trouble with my sewing Mojo these days, I am still getting small amounts done.
Madame Bernina and I are not on speaking terms right now but are soon to have some relationship counselling. A dear friend has offered to give me a couple of lessons on stippling. She is a beautiful quilter, and has so much knowledge to give. I'm hoping that if I can master the stippling technique I will be able to attempt to stipple a few of my smaller projects. Who knows, one day I may stipple a large quilt and save myself a fortune at the quilters.
Am I the only one starting to baulk at the price of quilting supplies here in Australia ? I look on internet sites in the USA and almost feel suicidal at the low prices the girls pay there. Nearly up to 2/3 cheaper for the exact same products !
I do not believe that it costs that much to fly things over the Pacific to us. It strikes me that someone somewhere is making a huge profit out of us Aussies. I have always tried hard to support my local quilt shops, but one by one they are closing, so what's the point ?
I ordered some lovely fabrics from Fishkin Fabrics in Canada last week. They arrived 7 days after I placed my order, beautifully packaged, beautiful quality, cheap as chips and with a free fat 1/4 included.

Anyway back to the stitching. The above cross stitch is   " Harriet  "  a Wool Whimsy by Heart in Hand. She is the first in a set of six.

This next little sucker is my 5th block in Shores of Hawk Run Hollow. Now if I ever attempt another BAP like this I expect you all to warn me peoples. It's taking forever, is almost big enough to be a bloody bed spread but I am actually liking what it looks like. When I go to meet my maker I'm hoping I will have good light up in heaven because I'm still going to be working on it when I get there !

Still far to much work to go as you can see.

Today is a very cold day here in Adelaide. I've been for my daily training run, the fire is on, my doggies are asleep, so I'm thinking a Jane Austen DVD and some stitching.
And perhaps some chocolate to keep my nutrition up !!
My photos are a bit crappy. But, it's my birthday in July and I'm dropping mega hints to the Chubby Hubby about a new wizz bang idiot tolerant camera.

Happy stitching,
Yours in Chocolate


  1. I've been baking so no sewing today, have just sorted my Cottage Garden Threads on to lovely rings from a scrapbooking shop, so I feel a lot happier about them now that I know how to undo them and keep them on their cardboard package and I can keep them all together... just don't like loose threads. Have two more leaf's to sew on and I have finished my applique sample for the class.
    Your cross stitch is looking beautiful, played hooky from sewing last week to go fabric shopping at Sarah's and coffee with the girls.

  2. Enjoy your chocolate. In Belgium I ate a lot of delicious chocolate!
    Stitching is not my subject so I have many things to learn.
    Have a good week end.

  3. I can highly recommend idiot tolerant cameras. I have fewer blurry photos since I got mine.

    I love all the stitching you have done. Yes, the price comparison of quilting fabric between here and there is dreadful. Now that we are all getting so much more internet savvy it hurts! I know that it is sold on the internet cheaper than what Aussie shops pay for it so it's pretty hard for them to win! I think we have one middle man too many!

  4. It's the same with running shoes - the price we have to pay in Australia is ridiculous. I've been ordering mine from overseas and getting them for less than half price and free postage!

    I was hoping for better than good light when I meet my maker - I was thinking of a set of eyes that actually work. Mine have been duds since I was 10.

  5. glad to see some stitching happening......I would like to be able to quilt some smaller projects.........lovely cross stitches..........