Monday, December 27, 2010

Fun Runs : If symptoms persist see your Doctor.

What better way to shake out the excess of Christmas Day ; run 8.4 km. through water and soft sand.!
Yes, the Adelaide two Jetty fun run takes place on Boxing Day morning and is guaranteed to provide a near death experience and a close encounter with the Pewk Fairy.
The race is organised by the South Australian Masters Athletics in memory of all the turkeys who make the ultimate sacrifice on Christmas Day.

104 brave souls crawled to the starting line for a 0930 start and most of us seriously not well.

Twisted Sisters Cathy, Tracey, Susi No Bum and Moi.

I don't drink alcohol and so I wasn't suffering a hangover like many. I don't have any weird religious convictions about alcohol , I just never really liked the taste. My friends fondly call me the Diet Fanta Queen. However I had eaten what felt like a 2 kg. slab of my Mother in Laws Christmas Pudding ( to refuse would be to cause World War Three ) and it had set like cement in my innards.


Tha sand was very soft and powdery thus making running very hard. In places we had to leave the beach and run on the Esplanade because the tide was so high. Many people sitting on the beach or having coffee in the cafes clapped and gave words of encouragement or sympathy as we ran past them. Some suggested the need for psychiatric help !!!

Race marshalls along the route gave much needed encouragement. Onlookers were quite amused by the spectacle of Mass Suffering.

Twisted Sister Tracey had a massive hangover and was hilarious. In this photo here she actually couldn't work out why she couldn't get her cup to her mouth. 
Susi No Bum, Cathy and Chubby Hubby Mike ran at a slow steady pace with the occasional walk when feeling ill . I plodded along at a slow pace behind them  whilst Tracey somehow made it to the finish line. We all finished under 50 minutes after a courageous battle.  

Thank God for the finish.

All participants had a great run and we all saluted each others pain and insanity.

Chubby Hubby Mike chatting up a Garmain.

Glenelg Jetty At Dawn.

Thanks for dropping by,
Cheers Karen. 


  1. You really are amazing I spent yesterday in my nightie the furthest I went was to the front lawn to feed the maggies.

  2. Lol! Fun run! That's an oxymoron isn't it? (A bit like army intelligence!) I managed to do nothing yesterday. Didn't even get into the kitchen in an attempt to resurrect it after cooking three meals for family and guests. (I do clean up as I go, but three cooked meals left my kitchen trashed!)

  3. I bow my head in front of the Twisted Sisters, I appreciate their courage during the bloody battle. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Happy New Year full of victories and glory.

  4. I did go for a walk the day after christmas and yesterday and today so that will have to do for my exercise regime, i'm afraid these legs don't muster a jog or fun run. My pudding has gone to my legs, stomach and god knows where else so now I must diet again want to look semi trim for market.

  5. That's so great to be able to race on Boxing day. I'm with you about alcohol - I just don't like the taste. It's all like vinegar to me and who would choose to drink vinegar?

  6. I salute you!
    I had a near death experience just contemplating running 8+ km through wet sand!

  7. As long as you keep being so funny I don't care what other insane activities you partake in to keep you brain sharp and your wit spntaneous!
    Well done actually.

  8. I wanna run on the beach in December in shorts! It looks like you all had blast, and thanks so much for sharing and bringing a little warmth my way. We're having a blizzard here, sigh, sigh, and I'm consoling myself with oatmeal cookies (oatmeal = fiber, thus it's healthy).
    Cheers from the great north,