Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Day on the Green, if you please.

Lawn Bowls in Australia is generally regarded as a sport for the older person. On any morning you will see the Grey Army arriving at the bowling Greens kitted out in their white uniforms and ready for a day of tense competition.
The ladies arrive fiercely clutching their plates of scones to their ample bosoms, each lady believing of course that their scones are the best. To criticize said scones would at the very least invite a " Jihad ". To make a bad scone is to commit social suicide.
I once implied my Mother in Laws scones were a wee bit stodgy and only just lived to tell the tale.
The men at the bowls dutifully eat only their wives scones, difficult digestion aided by a healthy serving of beer. To decline would result in a painful demise. If those scones sit a tad heavy they do not complain but merely apply more Haemorrhoid Cream !!!

Anyway, before I digress too far; this year my work's Christmas Party was held at the Adelaide lawn Bowls Club. Yes the Adelaide Bowls Club usually accustomed to the upper crust, bravely opened it's greens and bar to a hundred or so Orthopaedic surgeons, nurses and physiotherapists.
Security was tight; the bouncer at the gate with his Zimmer frame was a fearsome sight.

All is calm on the Greens before the games begin.

 Carefully selected teams of four had been formed ; your skills at a knee replacement, giving a well aimed injection or bed pan ensuring your place in a team.
My team " The Up Chuckers " consisted of four RN's, all of us well known for our skills with a vomit bowl !! Humble apologies if you are eating whilst you read this.

" The Up Chuckers " : DF Helen, Moi,Mel and Ali.

 Notice our decorated Disposable Vomit Bowls. These were actually quite useful on the green for holding our cameras, nibbles and drinks.

The Pink Lady Team. The man on the far right in the pink wig is one of our surgeons.

The Where's Wally Team. The two end players also being our surgeons.

After a quick lesson from the senior Green keeper on how to play and respect the greens the games began. Competition was fierce, rules were stretched and teams sabotaged. I really enjoyed the game but it was quite tricky playing with a ball that was weighted only on one side. I did occasionally show a glimmer of talent but mainly balls were flying everywhere.
The Up Chuckers and Patterson's Plasterers  get down to business.


The Physiotherapy team were clearly the best on the day but were so serious and skilled that they were disqualified. The ultimate winners, a team of night nurses in Antlers were declared the best cheaters and won all the prizes.

I have managed to finish a couple of Christmas Ornies this week.

Chilly's Gift by Stitchy Kitty.
Let it Snow by Barbara Ana Designs.Sorry it's a bit blurry.
And I have finished my 5th block Of SOHRH.

The Twisted Sisters are still out training as best we can with all the Xmas mayhem. I ran the 10km. Christmas Classic with DF Cathy, Bette, Lil and Chubby Hubby Daryl. I had run a fairly tough 20 km. trail run the day before and had a mega case of " BOT ROT ".  Daryl had to peel me out the car at the start line as I was so stiff and sore I could hardly move. Despite this I ran well,came 3rd. in my age group and the 26th female overall.

That's me in the white shirt with Cathy and Bette.

The Trail from hell I ran the day before.

And best of all today, in the mail I received some running gloves from Stefano, the Black Knight. Thankyou so much Stefano. These will be absolutely fantastic out on the cold  trails and for night running.

Merry Christmas to all my Bloggy Friends. I hope your stockings are filled with health and happiness.

Cheers, Karen.


  1. Merry Christmas Karen! I hope it's a good one for you!

  2. Would I trust a surgeon who wears a pink wig? Looks like you all had heaps of fun. Merry Christmas to you and your Chubby Hubby.

  3. Looks like heaps of fun.
    Have a Merry Christmas see you in the new year.
    When I reply to your emails they keep bouncing back to me.

  4. I certainly got a good laugh reading this. Would have most likely found it even funnier had I been there. love the finished work as usual. Merry Christmas. XXX for Luke

  5. Great Christmas party, have serious doubts about your surgeon's though, don't think I would be happy waking up to a surgeon in Where's Wally outfits or a Pink WIg. Have a lovely Christmas Karen all the best

  6. Thank you for the mention and congrats on the 3rd in your age group.