Monday, March 5, 2012

Yes, I do stitch occassionally.

I don't post very often about my stitching exploits. And while I do spend most of my free time running the trails, every evening is my special time to sit and stitch. I must confess that very little time has been spent with Madame Bernina but I have been doing lots of Cross Stitching, although I am painfully slow at it. It's nice to have my evenings with the more ladylike pursuits of stitching as opposed to my days on the trails in mud and dirt.
This Lizzie Kate Design is my most recent finish. The Green Flip It Seris. I love the simplicity and the use of primary colours of Lizzie Kate design's. They are always such a pleasure to stitch.


I fell in love with the Monthly Word Play Designs by Brenda Gervais as soon as I saw the first one. Just knew I had to stitch them. I have started the October Design using some Valdani threads that I had on 28 count linen. These designs call for Week's Dye Work threads which are impossible to get here in South Australia so I have had to send to America for all the other threads required. I'm not sure why we can't get the variagated threads  in South Australia because we do have a big stitching fraternity here. Most of our needlework shops have long since closed so really we have no alternative but to shop online.


I'm still plodding on with The Shores of Hawk Run Hollow but Oh My God, it's a huge project.I pick it up and am quite diligent with it for a week or so, but then the enormity of the project hits me and I put it down for a quick project to do. However I have completed 5 blocks and am now tackling the big middle double block.

Finally I want to show you this little number that I dug up from the bottom of my ever growing UFO pile. This is a design from a Country Bumpkin Inspiration Magazine but unfortunately I no longer have the magazine or the design name to share with you. It is a 4" x 4" pin cushion stitched mostly in single strand french knots. It was an absolute pleasure to stitch but there is no way a single pin is ever going near it. It's just too beautiful to use.
I have noticed that quite a few ladies are writing on their blogs that they have set themselves a challenge of 15 minutes per day of sewing in an effort to reduce there UFO pile. I like this idea and whist hand stitching is not a problem for me, spending time with Madame Bernina is. I have a number of bags that I want to make for some dear friends plus a new nephew is due in April, so a quilt is a must for him.
Well happy stitching ladies
Thanks for visiting my blog
Cheers Karen. 


  1. They're all beautiful. You are a woman of wide-ranging and contrasting interests.

  2. They are looking lovely Karen. Catch you soon.

  3. I am not expert in stitching but your works look beautiful.
    Be kind to animals .... yes I agree 100%.

  4. Hey Karen, I did that little design using different colours. I know the design and where to find it!