Tuesday, October 4, 2011

3 Beez in TuTu's.

Here in Adelaide, like most capital cities in Australia we have our annual City to Bay Fun Run. Adelaide is only a small city but this year record numbers took part in the run. There are 3 distances to attempt; the full 12 km., 6km., or 3km. We had just over 34,000 people take part this year, and for many it is the only run they will attempt all year. For a lot of folk this event is about just getting to the finish line without dying in the process ! Many charities use it as a fundraising opportunity and various groups of people enter just because. You always have a small collection of serious runners but for most it is just a great day out and an excuse to celebrate at the end having breakfast with friends.

It is not uncommon to see people in fancy dress for the event and prizes are awarded for the best costumes on the day.This year I went dressed as a Bumble Bee with dear friends Margot and Sonya.


 Margot, Moi, and Sonya.

It all started with Sonya winning entry tickets to the event. However one of the conditions for winning was to run dressed in a TuTu. Margot, Sonya and I are all part of the South Australian Trail Running Club so we got together and Sonya devised the idea of dressing as Bees. We borrowed 2 TuTus off fellow running sisters and I very quickly made a third. I googled a pattern for a no sew TuTu and ta da, it took only an hour to make.
All it took was 1" elastic made into a waist band. ( which I did sew to make a seam ) Then 12 metres of tulle cut into 6" strips and tied and knotted over the elastic waist band. I then put it on and the Chubby Hubby cut it to length. Easy Peasy. Sonya found some Bees wings and antennae in a costume shop and Margot covered us in body glitter. We were all pleased with the results and we had lots of photos taken of us on the day. We even made the Channel 7 news.

 Here we are with another Bee who found us at the starting line.

This picture was taken during the run along the Anzac Highway, and that's the Chubby Hubby turning around to see where I am. I ran with him for the first 7km. and then could stand his snail pace no longer, so shot off and left him. You can see quite a lot of folk walking in the picture as 12 km. is just too far for many to run.


Daryl and his friend John at the finishing line and feeling very pleased with themselves.


 Dear Friend Susi no Bum and I at the finish line together. Susi and I always run back to the city after to make it a decent distance and in a true test of friendship she stayed with me in my costume  all the way back.

This is the 3 of us with a local radio station. They asked if they could use this photo on their web page.

 Here's hoping that wherever you are,  your running days or sewing days are filled with fun.
Cheers Karen.


  1. Looks like you had a lot of furn. It sounds like that race is a lot like our Bridge to Brisbane where, it seems like, half of Brisbane rolls up to give it a try. It's not a run for the serious but it's lots of fun.

  2. Great photos....love your costumes.....well done !

  3. That tu tu suits you how are the feet?