Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Big, Big catchup.

 Yet again a couple of months since I last posted. But as usual life gets in the way.
I can't begin this post without acknowledging the sad loss of my 16 year old pooch Lachlan just before Christmas. It was a devastating blow and to be honest I just haven't had ability to post until now.
But on a happier note we were very happy to welcome a new Doggie to our family. Meet Feebee, pictured above. She is a 4 year old Shit-zu who we have rescued from SA Dog Rescue. This organization retrieves dogs from the various pounds around our state who have not been adopted and are on the put to sleep list. She is the most beautiful and gentle little lady who is already giving us so much love. Can't understand why her previous owners dumped her.

 Me running the Portland half marathon in November, with weight loss well on the way.

Over the last 6 months I completely reviewed my eating habits and decided to stop acting like a dog and rewarding myself with food. Given the amount of running and training I was doing I should of been quite trim. But this was sadly not the case. I think I was making the same mistake  many long distance runners do ; that being putting in the long miles but filling up on carbs and junk food after because I was always so hungry. So with the help of a personal trainer I completely changed the way I was eating. 
I significantly increased my protein intake at the same time as gradually reducing my carb loading.The first 2 weeks were tough, with continual sugar cravings and feeling generally crapulent. But gradually the Brain fog began to lift, my energy levels soared and I began to lose about 500grams a week. I'm happy to tell that I have lost 8kgs, God knows how many inches and am really enjoying the type of healthy eating plan I now follow.
Also since my weight loss I have run 3 personal bests and am shaving massive amounts of time off my runs.

 Learning to climb ropes in the gym with my personal trainer.

As well as the long distance running I am still enjoying taking part in many of the bike rides we have here in Adelaide. The photo above is me with dear friends Jaqui, Lil, and Tracy just before we did the Gear up for Girls Bike Ride in early December.

This picture is of dear friend Sonya and I running together in the Glenelg Classic  just recently. I was almost at my goal weight here and for the first time in a couple of years ran 10 km. in under an hour at 59:12.

My next exciting achievement was only a week later in the Road Runners Christmas Fun Run and club championships. A 10 km. run which I ran in 56:39, a personal best for me and I won a medal for coming first in my age group. Plus I achieved this while dressed up as Mrs. Christmas in a very prickly dress.

Tracy and I in the Christmas Fun Run.

Me hamming it up for the photographer nearing the end of the run.

Best Friends, Tracy and I.


Me with Tracy's children. All three of us won our age groups on the day.

I then started the year off with a brilliant trail run; The Summit to Sea. This is a 33km. trail from the top of Mt. Lofty down to Brighton.This is the first time I have done this run without the Chubby Hubby in tow. Because of my new improved times I really wanted to see what I could achieve by myself. And as the Chubby likes to take very frequent walk breaks I have decided not to run with him anymore. Luckily Susi no Bum acted as course sweep for this event so the Chubby tagged along with her. She is recovering from recent surgery so was quite keen to take it slowly.
I had a massive result with this event and finished the 33km. in 4 hours 20. That's 1:50 hours quicker than last year. Needless to say I was mega excited. Below is a photo of running friend Nina and I together at the finish line. We finished together last year, both lost weight last year and this year ran the last 10 km. together and finished together.

Til next time folks, which I promise will only be a day or so as still have lots to share. My new year's resolution is to be a better blogger.

Cheers Karen.