Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Adelaide Marathon Festival.

I feel I have been neglecting my blog of late and have been away again far too long. But once again life has interrupted my blog posts. I have been using Face Book mostly for regular updates and find I enjoy the more immediate interaction with people that goes with Face Book.
I've been running a lot, much more than usual, but this hasn't left much time for blogging or stitching.

 Friend Cathy, Chubby Hubbys Mike and Daryl and Susi no Bum at the start of the half marathon.

Last year many of my blog posts were focused around our training sessions out in the hills, and whilst we are still doing the same training there are only so many photos of the trails that can be shown. And so this year my blog posts have been mainly about the various events that the Twisted Sisters take part in. Our most recent event that we all took part in was the Adelaide Marathon Festival. We all made the decision to run the half rather than the full because we are all running in the Yurrebilla Ultra on September 25.

   Dear Friend Bette and I waiting to start the half marathon.

The route was very pretty and it was a lovely cool but sunny late Winter morning. Perfect running conditions really. The first 10 km. was along the foreshore of our local Adelaide beaches. I was feeling really good and was able to maintain a fairly consistent pace.


After about 10 km. the run then headed up Linear Park along the River Torrens and back into the city of Adelaide. This path is very pretty but is deceptively undulating. Those small hills start packing a bit of a punch after about 15 km.


My time was going really well and at the 18 km. mark I was confident I could come in at 2 hours. However from then on I really slowed down for some reason and just couldn't maintain my pace. The back was screaming and my legs felt very heavy.


 Running the last 3 km. along the River Torrens.

The Chubby Hubby in action.


The run finished at Adelaide oval, or for my overseas readers, the iconic Adelaide Cricket Ground. I finally came in at 2:16. Bit disappointing but I was still happy to finish.

Take care folks,
Happy running.
Cheers Karen.