Monday, April 2, 2012

Mount Hayfield Trail Run.

Take a very hot late Summer's day here in South Australia and a bus load of crazy trail runners and you have the makings for a very spectacular run and a whole load of  fun. This is what we got the day we all made a very early start to tackle Mt. Hayfield on a 35C + morning. We had a very early start on the bus for the 2 hour journey but by the time we arrived at the starting point the day was already very hot.

The trail started with a very gentle jog through a cool sheltered pine forest trail. However as usual on our trail runs, people began to get quite creative with their directions. Maps were abandoned and many soon began to get lost.

What initially seemed like a gentle climb however soon became a hot, high hill of fun but torture.

This steep ascent continued for around 4kms in full sun. And it was hot, hot,hot. By half way up most of us were barely managing to crawl up it.

And so it continued, just going up. I don't do heat very well and so by the time I reached the top I was starting to feel a tad sorry for myself.

The trail flattened off for a few kms. but it still remained very hot in the full sun.

But just look at the magnificent view. It was so worth feeling like crap for.

Trail Director Terry knows full well how bad most of us are at going the correct way. That Terry's directions and instructions are not always known for their accuracy may have something to do with the fact that we don't always use our maps.However with this trail Terry excelled himself by going out a few days earlier and marking the trail with these Tee Pees.

19 kms later we all arrived back at the bus in small groups with most coming from different directions and all having done different distances according to how badly we got lost.
Terry and his wife Gay very thoughtfully bought along a big ice chest full of ice and cold drinks for us.
Now when I arrived back and I don't mind telling you that I was one of the last, I was so hot I was prepared to do anything to cool down.
And so I just sat my Butt in the ice chest thinking a short time sitting on the ice would help. What I didn't expect was to sink into the water under the top layer of ice.

And neither did I expect that Terry would take his chance here a tip a 5 litre tank of water all over me much to everyone's delight. But as usual with our trails we all had a great day out with lots of adventure and laughter.
Thanks for visiting my blog,
Cheers Karen.